Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Chronicles of Juju


Episode 1
I am Ojuolape, a 31 year old Yoruba Lady and I am about to pour my heart out
in this piece.
I am doing this because I am looking for happiness, satisfaction, justification and maybe blame.
My love life has been in shambles, that’s if I even have a love life…..
Well, Tunji is a guy I think I am head over heels in love with -I used the word ‘think’ because right now I don’t know where life and love is taking me to-.
I have known Tunji for about seven years. The last one year, I have spent married to him which I think is a mistake and this is the first time I have had the boldness to speak my thought out loud: the thought of knowing Tunji being a mistake.
Tunji and I live in a house full of everything and still full of nothing; a house emptily and annoyingly clad with furniture and horrible paintings. I always catch myself laughing whenever I remember the fact that I actually chose every single thing in this house and designed it to what it is today: the paintings, the furniture, the black and white prints that is the major theme color of the house. I ask myself regularly ‘Juju, have you no taste?’. I have rearranged this house four times in just one year in search of fulfillment still to no avail.
I know I sound somewhat mad ranting about my feelings like I do not have any headway, but “MAD” is actually not what I would call myself; I am still yet to figure out the word befitting my present state. But as I go along, I am sure you would find the word out yourself and when you do, please do not hold it back, tell me and maybe then, I would get the closure I am seriously in search of.
I always wonder how everyone of my friends and colleagues and neighbors and every other person see me and commend one and most times everything about me: my hair, dress, skin color and all what not. I simply say thank you with a big smile on my face, but the only thing my head is scaring is ‘how blind can humans be’.
I am 5.6ft tall, light in complexion and the kind of girl that knows her onions: the ones that are always sure of anything before they speak about it. I like my crowd and I do not welcome new people. I am slim in a sexy way: a D cup breast size, with just the right size of hips that is not too alarming, but sways enough to turn a few heads. I have always been that girl that the guys were always proud to introduce to their parents as their girlfriend, because I do them well, I guess. I speak clean English with no form of contour or fake/forced accent and belong to the school of thoughts that beauty with brains is the new sexy. I like to think I am the right mixture of it all.
You must be thinking to yourself that if she had it all going well, then when did she lose it. Let me not kill you any further, I will just tell you how it all began, long long time ago, long long before I became this fellow…
Meet the loving and sweet maybe…. Well just meet the sane Juju as my loved ones call me or better still Ojuolape as I want you to know me by……..

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  1. Juju abi oju. Funny name. I like

    1. Now you are dissing my Yoruba sisters o, stopet. Thanks alot.

  2. Fantastic effort you put here. I'm under suspense.

  3. I like this. Please douse our suspense sooner than later. We await the next edition.

  4. Hmmm..Anxiously waiting to see d end of this one

  5. Your style is interesting and the english is free flowing with the right choice of words.