Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Holidays through My Eyes


My short experience in my 8 to 5 has taught me that having a proper balance between your work life and social life is really important. You have to work for the cheddah and give yourself the right to enjoy it and
not just live your life working through Monday to Friday, then enter the weekend too exhausted to be bothered about seeing anyone or going anywhere but to catch all the rest you can in order to get strength for the week to come, each week, all year.

So, having a proper balance was all that was on my mind when I planned for the Christmas and New Year holidays. I wanted to have a really interesting one. I wanted to touch all sides of me. You see, my definition of fun can be totally different from what most people see it to be. All I need to have fun is to go anywhere with the right crowd, have a good laugh and a deep conversation #SapioSexual.

For the holidays, I was sure that I had to do these three things: Go see a movie at the cinema, go to the beach and dance a lot.

On the 23rd of December, 2016, I went to The Palms to see The Wedding Party with Bae and I knew that my holiday had officially begun. The movie was awesome and all other words in that light. If you still haven’t seen it then you are really stale. But do not feel bad, I will bring you up to speed: When you plan to see the movie, make sure to enter the cinema hall 45 minutes after the movie time because the advertisement before the movie starts na die. When I saw the movie, we waited so long for the movie to start that when it finally started the lady seated directly in front of me shouted “Praise the Lord!!!” Out of impulse and we all echoed “Halleujah!!!” As though we were about to start a church service.

Now the movie is worth every hype you have heard about it. The picture quality was really dope (at some point, it started looking like a foreign movie to me). If you like pure comedy then you should feel bad that you haven’t seen this one. Every actor out-did themselves: Ikechukwu was really cute in his douche bag character. Zainab Balogun was the right person for the role, she brought the character to life like no other person would have. Shola Shobowale is certainly winning an award for this one; The rich Yoruba mother that really cared for her spoilt daughter and all the hilarious dance steps the character had to give could not have being played by any other person than her.

Personally, I think that there was a lot of pun intended when they thought of Banky W playing the role he played in the movie. Common, which other person would have fit a chronic player character who had finally realized that the life of a player was an unfulfilling and empty one #LagosAbleBachelors and decided to marry the holiest girl in town… And then, Ali Baba, Frank Donga… I could go on and on or I could remember that I need this article to be short and leave you to live your own experience when you see the movie or give you room to discuss your own view of the movie in the comment section.

However, when I got home that night, I went to my planner and scratched one out; I had two more to go.

The 27th of December, 2016 was the day I allotted for the beach. I got to Elegushi beach at about ten minutes past five in the evening and my Ibo sense came alive. There were lots of people in the beach that I started to calculate how much would possibly be made in just one day. I gave my future-self investment advice, I told her to make sure she invested some part of her money in the beach if what she wanted was a lucrative investment.

Ha!!!, my merry-go-round escape was a source of profound lessons for me. As I watched some kids ride it and seemed to have been having fun, I thought to give it a shot. That day, it became real to me that when I said I had phobia for heights, I wasn’t just trying to be fancy. The merry-go-round was to go 360 from up to down and I almost screamed my lungs out of fear of flying off the seat and landing directly into the water and dying (this has joined the league of scary things that I have done in life and I haven’t done that much). At some point, I started getting angry at why the people wheeling the carriage up and down did not want to stop it so I could get down, after all it was my money that was involved. That day, I finally understood the saying that goes “Do not do things because every other person is doing it”.

Well, it was not all bad after all, at least, I took some sexy and sultry pictures (check my Instagram page to see pictures: @talk2urhommie).

Finally, to wrap up the holiday, my girlfriends and I planned a hangout for the first day of January. I told them I wanted to dance, so we browsed events on the 1st of January 2017 and that was how DJHumility’s #Classic DJ 10 event at HardRock Café came about.

The event was to start by 6pm, but as proper Naija people, we got there by 8pm. There wasn’t much happening at the time so we thought to heighten our spirits a bit with some alcohol. We all ordered cocktails but I was sure mine was the best because my three friends ended up drinking it with me. I ordered Hurricane, which is their signature cocktail and also one drink I recommend that you have next time you are at HardRock Café. Just make sure to tell them to add a little more alchohol than the usual.

Two hours into the event and then it started popping. One Dj after another performed and it was really exciting because each one made the party come alive again. Amidst all the beautiful performances, Dj Switch’s stood out for me. The last I heard of her was Glo X Factor and I was her massive fan: I really prayed that she won, so when she did I kinda felt fulfilled. And since my 8 to 9 needed me to party less and analyze the economy more, I had not had time to hangout, talk more of coming across Switch.

She started with a Christian song. This got me, because it felt like a significant gesture where she gave God his bit, his little 10% and spent the remaining 90% all by herself. The chic’s gat energy mehn: she would play each song and rock to the song so well that I started getting dance moves from watching her.

In all it was a beautiful event.

Monday, the 2nd of January, I stayed at home to prepare this write up.

Now, did I have the fun I initially intended to have? You tell me… xoxo.

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  1. You sure had a lot of fun and left me out😂

    1. Not every time serious, sometimes we try to have fun. Don't worry, next time I want to have fun, you will be informed.. Thanks for reading.