Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Vain Guts, Vain Glory

...Our dark beginning and empty end

For all the sweetness I desire
Death holds me by the jaw

I toil dawn to dusk with bitterness in my heart
In the end, all is meaningless

For all the battles I win
They take away my strength
I savor victory in my folly
Everything is all madness

For all the honor I earn
The treasures are worthless
Providence is lost in deep gloom
My wisdom is useless in this darkness

For all I'm worth disappears with the wind
Only emptiness I feel in my grave
Flesh & bone perish in rot
Naked I came, Naked I return

This poem explains our lives' pursuits, the pain and toil of our existence, our craving for success, acceptance and love, it further warns us of the vanity and emptiness that will characterize our eventual demise.

A poem written by Olayinka Olonode
Twitter, Snap and Instagram: @yinkaolonode
Facebook & LinkedIn: Yinka Olonode


  1. Quite deep. Pls post more.

  2. In the end it's all vanity,When we die we go with nothing.

  3. Was this written by the same Yinka Olonode that lived in Oregon until 2013?