Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Chronicles of Juju


Episode 2

I, Cynthia, Shola, Jummy and Chioma, my best friend, have been in this room for over three hours talking
shop, and still finding it difficult making the decision to go or not to go clubbing this Friday evening.

 The day was rather long and boring, I was totally disconnected from work, my colleagues could tell because I spent the last two hours at work giggling on the phone as I chatted with my girls on a Whatsapp group we had created for ourselves; The group had turned out to be a life saver as it reduced and almost eliminated the money we spent on airtime talking to each other. Chioma was gisting us about this fat Igbo man she was working for. He was the owner of the latest building she was decorating and took a liking to her the moment the architect introduced her as the person who would be handling the interior decoration of the 6 bedroom mansion he had just completed in Victoria Garden City. She explained how he sort every opportunity to come see her and how she turned him down repeatedly; until this Friday when he called her and started complaining that he felt she was wasting time with the fittings of the house and asked that he comes to the site to see what she has been up to, she obliged and he came.
‘Babes, that is how this man took every opportunity to brush either my boobs or ass’, she explained. ‘He wanted to do everything, at some point, he suggested that the chandelier that was hung in the guest room downstairs was too low and wanted to carry me up to prove his point. Thank God for Mothers; as I was contemplating the right reply, my phone rang and it was my Mum calling, as soon as I picked the call, I just started blabbing,  explaining to my mother the reason why I missed her appointment for the doctor’s yesterday and how I was on my way to the hospital. You guys needed to have seen his face, you would think it was the president who was ill.’
‘Long and short guys, he gave me N50k for my mother’s hospital bill, so make sure to stop by my apartment because, there is money to be spent.”
I had giggled and laughed all the way till 5pm which was close of work, I got up and made my way to the car park, then to my black, Toyota matrix, 2013 model –my baby- and finally, to Lekki phase one to assist my friend in spending her money.
Finally, Jummy’s newest catch –a married man with two children- called her to inform her that his cousin was having a birthday party that evening and that he would hate to attend the party alone… That was all we needed to get out of Chioma’s place to our individual homes to get prepared for the night.
This night was really not one of those nights when my spirit was all geared up for fun, I would have loved a quiet evening, maybe stayed back at Chioma’s place and talked into the night over a bottle of Jack Daniels, but every other person was into hanging out so I followed suit…. Some hours later and we were all ready for the night….
As we stepped into Club Rehab on Ajose Adeogun in Victoria Island, I figured that coming out wasn’t a bad idea after all: The lights and glamour, Lagos girls and boys making me reassess my appearance. I began to feel the vibe, the clubbing spirit in me had awakened from its deep slumber and was ready to have fun.
Jummy’s boyfriend gave us some VIP treatment, we had a special table and waiter who made sure our table was never empty. When he was sure we had settled in, he ran off with his chick, both of them acting like high school children in love, leaving me, Chioma, Shola and Cynthia all by ourselves. Chioma, being who she is, was up already whining her waist in her usual seductive manner as this cute looking guy stared hard at her, ‘My baby is going to get hooked this night’ I thought to myself with a smile.
Cynthia’s cough broke into my thoughts, she was coughing hard, I tapped her back a little but that seemed to have worsen the situation, then Mr Stares came to the rescue. He swiftly approached our table, handing her a bottle of water. She took two gulps and it seemed like the water was doing the magic. He then suggested that she stepped out for some fresh air. I got up to follow them but Cynthia told me to stay back and have fun as the cough was already subsiding.
Five minutes later, Cynthia made her way to the table with a shy but wide smile plastered on her face. ‘Oh, so Mr Stares had had his eyes on Cynthia all along and here I was thinking it was Chioma’s killer waist that was doing the magic’ I thought to myself as she sat down close to me and went:
'That guy really likes you my friend, he did not stop gushing about how beautiful you are and how he would love to talk to you, get to know you better'. Before I had time to process this information, Cynthia was introducing Mr Stares to me: His smile, the softness of his palm as it glided through mine; I was smiling sheepishly, I knew, but I could not stop myself.
…… And that was how Tunji found his way into my life.

To be continued…
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  1. Oh no..wen is d next episode coming out.can't wait to see it..dis kinda story cud keep me busy all day.