Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Chronicles of Juju


Episode 4
A kiss with Tunji is what every lady should experience -well I guess that’s the reason they wouldn't let him be-. Let me take a minute to tell you about my first kiss with Tunji:

It had become a routine. All of it: waking up early enough to avoid the morning traffic and after the madness of the day, be consoled by the solace of my bedroom from where I'll resume the following morning. 

This particular Friday evening, my bones had given up long before I even set out for my house. I thought all the tiredness would be gone once I got home, but was disappointed at the sight that welcomed me as I stepped into bedroom. My towel hung loosely on my half opened bathroom door, my brown wooden reading table littered by everything that reminded me of my study session the previous night even down to scribbled papers and my bed suggested that something other than sleep by a drunkenly tired person had happened. All factors combined to literally echo one of my mother's favorite sayings: THE WAY YOU LAY YOUR BED IS THE WAY YOU SLEEP ON IT!

Well, today, I sought to take her word literally as I simply placed my hand bag on the table and poured the weight of my body on the always welcoming arms of my bed. ‘What a day’, I whispered to myself and the thoughts of Tunji filled my head.

It had been what? Four and a half months since I started hanging out with Tunji and yet, no form of intimacy of any sort between us, not even a kiss. Although, I had chosen to be celibate till I found THE ONE, but on several occasions, I had caught myself imagining what kissing him would feel like. So, curiously, I picked up my phone and sent him a message: I wouldn't mind some company right now. Five minutes, ten minutes, my eyes were glued to my phone, eagerly waiting for his reply but no, nothing came. Then I yielded myself to the demanding hands of sleep. 

Half way into it, I heard my door bell ring, oh gosh, who could this be? I thought to myself as I lazily and annoyingly went to find out. And there he was with a really wide smile. Before I even got the chance to settle this fact in my head, he kissed me: Out of this world, with lips so soft and tongue smoothly finding its way into my mouth with so much ease and perfection, one would think he does this for a living. At this point, I was turned on, I could feel my wetness slide through the red thong I was wearing –okay, please, before you start judging me, a celibate lady could probably get turned on by a touch as meaningless as a slight tap on her neck, so I hope I can be excused-. 

I knew that we were at the gate and passersby could see us, but getting myself to break away from this kiss was certainly tougher than Jesus resisting the devil after his forty days fast. Suddenly, he scooped me in his arms, skillfully locked the gate behind us, found his way into my living room, I pointed to the right, directing him on where my room was. 

Now, my head was thinking it all, I was everything and more: embarrassed, shy, happy, freshly in love and most of all, HORNY. I found myself on the bed… What happened next, hmm, I won’t tell you, just know that I had never experience what I experienced that night before. He brought out parts of me I never knew existed.

And that was how I gave up months of staying celibate and began my love life with this man, my man, Tunji.


The reason why I was talking to Chioma about last night- the best night of my life- was really confusing to me. I guess I just needed to face the truth already: that I couldn’t help telling this girl any and everything that happened in my life. Still on the phone with my talkative of a best friend, I heard Tunji’s footstep, I quickly hung up the call and looked at the door with a shy smile plastered on my face. He had in his hands a plate of whatever he had made for breakfast. It didn’t matter to me what it was, because the thought of a handsome man making me breakfast in bed was enough to make me eat just about anything.

Five hours later and I was all packed for the weekend at Tunji’s apartment. I took a final peep at my phone to see Chioma’s reply: ‘And that’s how it starts *wink*’. I smiled as I kept my phone in my peach Zara bag and headed out.

Indeed, that was how it started, because, spending the weekend at Tunji’s for the next 7 months felt like a law written in the bible. My friends kept complaining that I didn’t have time for them anymore. Shyly, I didn’t see anything wrong; I missed them alright, but I couldn’t just bear not seeing Tunji for a weekend.


A year and a half in the relationship and it felt like we had just begun. By now, my friends were tired of me going on and on about my man. I knew I shouldn’t talk about my relationship that much to them because I was the only one amongst them in a serious one, but I couldn’t just help myself, I was a lady in love. 

I had fallen for him, my friends knew, the world knew, I bet you didn’t need me to say it out because you had figured it out a long time ago and again, I know some of you might be thinking to yourselves: things cannot be this rosy, something bad will surely happen, it is just a matter of time. If you are in this group, I must commend your smartness and state my obvious dumbness, because indeed, things got all soar, too sore, I wish I didn’t even start eating this apple.

The Feelings……..

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