Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Chronicles of Juju


Episode 3
The first day I went to Tunji’s apartment, or should I say my husband’s apartment, that was where my confusion started, if I had only made good use of that confusion…
His house was
nicely arranged, it was neat, too neat, it felt like he scrubbed it daily; but I had a funny feeling, I couldn’t place my finger on it. He just did not strike me as one who cared that much about cleanliness to keep his house in such form.

Well, Tunji was all over the place, like a child who was trying to distract his mother from finding out the mischievous thing he had done. He seemed really happy to have me in his place finally, but you would not blame him, after all, he had spent 2 whole months convincing me to come see where he lives. He explained everything to me, at a point, it felt like he was teaching me how to use a television remote control.
Then came the tour:
His very words, “why don’t I show you around, so you won’t forget any bit of this house, which would be ours in a matter of days, months or years maybe”. I smiled and got up, then he led the way.
The last room he showed me should have been the final piece to the puzzle, if I had just been smart enough to trail the signs and that would have prevented me from this misery I am in right now. The room was filed with a presence, a female presence, even though no one was there, but it had that touch, that smell, I could see some hair creams, perfumes, bags hung in the extreme left corner of the room.
On our way back to my place, I was in a lifetime confusion of if I should ask about my suspicions or if it was just all in my head. Then I reasoned ‘if really he had a woman in his house, where was she when I was there? If he had a serious woman in his life, where was she when he spent almost 24hours, every day with me, either on the phone or on ground? So I shook off my suspicions and enjoyed the ride.
Two days later, I was on the phone with my best friend, Chioma, and shared with her what I saw and all I felt, she just said: Juju, give the guy a chance now, am sure it’s your mind playing tricks on you, and again, are you sure it isn’t that useless mindset of yours that there is no rich and handsome guy that is faithful. You see what I always tell you, where on earth did you get such mindset, why are you so afraid of handsome and rich guys….then she went on and on, saying words too much for me to stomach, so I let it slide and told myself it was okay, maybe Chioma had finally been able to talk sense into me or maybe I was just not ready for her long presidential speech. Whatever it was, I chose to push it aside and try to enjoy the moment, after all, it was not like I had plans of marrying him.
Well I guess at this time it was a good conclusion, because Tunji was turning out to be a nice guy and was also proving all that Chioma had been telling me to be true: A rich, handsome and faithful man is not an impossible blend.
The next time I hung out with the whole crew was 2 weeks after. We were performing a ritual we had formed: Once a month, towards the end of the month, when we were sure that we had all been paid our salaries, we treat ourselves to dinner in an exquisite restaurant.
It was an idea that Jummy had forced us all to buy into, her reason was that we were a bunch of single ladies with good paying jobs, who obviously did not have any serious relationship, so we needed to go out to find these men. She explicitly said that we would go to the kinds of places where men that met our standard hung out. But, I knew that it was her excuse to find herself new sugar daddies, because each time we hung out, she would keep scanning the place until her eyes rested on her perfect catch: Men in their late forties and early fifties who looked rich and bored.
The first time we ever went on the dinner date, it was a Thursday evening, I had just finished from work and we had agreed to meet up at Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island at 7pm.
I work with an advertising firm and I will be humble to say that I am one of the priced employee of the company because of my ability to seal any deal, so it is important I am present at any meeting where we pitched to big clients.
That day was one of those days when my boss had lined up meetings upon meetings with new clients, so I had to look as corporate as possible. I wore a grey trouser suite. Cynthia, being one who did not care about her looks –blame it on her engineering profession- had worn a grey t-shirt and a faded blue jeans, with a black jacket and a nice black Toms shoes to go with it. Chioma wore a red mini dress and Shola couldn’t make it because she had to work late.
Jummy was the last person to arrive and when she finally did, we all understood why. As she stepped in, all the guys in the bar had their eyes fixed on her cleavage until she sat down. She was dressed like one who was to attend a red carpet event in Hollywood. She wore a long, sultry black dress with a low cut in the front and at the back, revealing enough to show that she wasn’t putting on a bra and that her boobs were as firm as one could imagine, my God. When we complained, her response was, “I told you guys the plan was to catch guys that met our standard, why then would you want to sell yourself short”.
So, this day, we had agreed to meet at Oriental Hotels, we ordered Chinese rice and sauce. Before we even settled in, Chioma started filling everyone in on me and how paranoid I am about rich and handsome men. She went on about how afraid I was to let myself fall in love with these type of men. I had tried to cut into it and end the conversation like a million times telling her that we didn’t come to Orientals to gossip, discuss or whatever this was called, in the name of having dinner, but she pushed me aside and went on talking.
Long story short, I got relationship advice that could last me a life time from all my four friends. And I decided that the next time I had issues with matters of the heart, I would keep my thoughts to myself, or maybe just talk to Shola or Jummy, well Shola and Jummy but certainly not Chioma.
Now the Kiss:
My first kiss with Tunji…Or, my kisses with Tunji… A kiss with Tunji.. You can tell I am blabbing right? Okay, let me take a minute to tell you about my first kiss with Tunji.

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