Tuesday, 14 February 2017



 : The best Valentine’s Day Recipe

“Yet another Valentine’s Day and no boo to share it with, I feel bad, what do I do” you may be thinking… And if you are
not in this league, then you just might be in the league of those who might be oppressing the people in the first league unintentionally. You know, the ones that make them think about their lives at work or at home.

Just imagine how a girl would feel, a girl who has been finding it difficult keeping a man or just finding the right man…yeah that girl; imagine how she would feel at work when your cake and chocolate arrives. In fact, let’s take it up a notch and say you get Val’s present from more than one guy and at close of work, you now get ready to hang out with le boo and she has nobody to do nothing with. Trying to keep up appearances, she takes herself out to see a movie alone and everyone in the cinema hall was coupled up except her.

She is feeling all types of way: Ugly, old, scared that she might never be able to experience true love, insecure, sad. She starts to say everything negative to herself, like: I am ugly, why me all the time, I am just tired, and I am past 26.

I tell you, it is a really difficult place to be in…

The interesting thing about this article is that it is meant for all single ladies, either in a relationship or not; if he hasn’t put a ring on it, then pull up your seat and let us discuss this: Let us share the best valentine’s day recipe ever, a recipe that would change your view towards life and your life forever:

For my sisters in the first league, my first idea for you is to pick up your debit card, go to an ATM and withdraw just enough money to take you through that chill you really love -and this is if you can afford it-. The psyche is that you have worked too hard for you to feel bad about something that is out of your control. Will it be nice to have a boyfriend at your age? Oh yes it would. But should you kill yourself because you do not have one now? Oh no, you shouldn’t.

These things will surely come. I am pretty spiritual, so let me switch it up for you alittle. The bible which I like to believe is a book of principles for life has told us that The Lord created us male and female (Gen 1:27) and none shall lack their mate (Ish 34:16). So if you waste precious time of your life mourning something that you already have assurance about, honey, you are being unfair to yourself. It is simply just called wasted years.

My second point is for people in both leagues: Life is a bitch like that, sometimes, we have to deal with its disappointments. You see, this reasoning has broken me free from some bondages I used to be in a long time ago, bondages I put myself into. Like, the sadness bondage, the depression bondage, the failure bondage, the feeling I used to have when I go for an interview and don’t get the job when I know that I did a good job at the interview. I mean, I am a pretty good orator, I can keep up a conversation with almost anybody and you would never regret having it with me, so I know that I over impressed them in the interview, I could tell I performed well but still, I do not get called again.

Before I found this reasoning, I would feel bad, really bad. I would call myself a failure. Tell myself that I was not good at anything and totally forgot the fact that I had a job, a good paying job, that I had been working for over a year and I have not gotten sacked, which meant I knew my onions. I totally forgot all my blessings when I got life’s silly disappointment and would dwell in sadness for a long time. One day, I said to myself: NO MORE. Everytime I experience disappointment in my life, instead of me to beat myself up, I will stop and count all my blessings, I will count them for so long that the silly feeling will have no place to hide and leave me alone. You see, this day was the beginning of my freedom. If you can try this, I promise you, life will be beautiful again, life will be familiar again, just how we knew it to be back then, back then when we had no worries.

My third item is for us all. It is high time we stopped the pity party game, it just doesn’t work: pick up your bed and walk. Have you ever tried to talk to someone about how hard things are? The person wouldn’t even wait for you to finish before she starts telling you a more difficult ordeal she faced… Do you get the point: We are all in it together.

So because we know this, we have to change our thinking pattern, our life pattern. We have to start to improve ourselves. I recently learnt that the more value and worth you have, the valuable you are to people. The same mindset of people always wanting to associate themselves with the successful one.

So how about we start to pick up a new skill or two. You have procrastinated acquiring that skill you need for too long. Go to a fashion designing school and learn to sew, learn to draw. Go to a language school and learn that new language you have always wanted to learn, that one that will open new opportunities for you.

If you already have the skills; then start to market yourself. You see, I am a finance person who loves to write and speak and impact people with knowledge, so I took to blogging, to let the world know what I do. But I have no clue about blogging, I just know how to write and post my stories up and not a clue on how to make my blog popular. Now you on the other hand, seem to know a lot about SEO’s and other techniques on how to get people’s products to their target audience, but how will I know what you know and that it could be helpful to me if you do not put it out there, if you do not go on social media and talk about what you do and how helpful it is to your target audience in their various field.

It is Valentine’s day, a day to show love to that person who you love, how about you start with yourself and make yourself better. More importantly, you have been through a lot of things and you came out of them all WHOLE. You do not deserve to be unhappy over something you cannot control.

And finally: Just make sure you either start your day reading this post and sharing it with a friend or two who you think need(s) this. Or, end the day with your favorite bottle of alcohol –I will always advise Jack Daniels, because you will have no form of hangover or after effect- after the day’s work, get home, sip your drink while reading this post; then, make sure you also share it with the next single girl you know, because, we are single and not dead; life must go on. Abi mustn’t it?

 *************Single girls deserve to be happy; Shit, we all deserve to be happy*************

Author’s Comment: Oh, I had a good time writing this piece and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you did, by leaving a comment or even some words of encouragement for someone who is this position in the comment section below. And if there is a particular topic you would like me to talk about, just suggest below and we would have an even more interesting time talking about it. And make sure you also share this with the other single ladies you know, you never know whose soul you might be saving. And remember, we are single and not dead; life must go on. Abi mustn’t it?