Tuesday, 21 March 2017



I saw your tears when they put me down,
This earth my place of rest forever shall be,
My Queen, my light, don’t ever take off that crown
Your majesty, your glory this place more of you shall see.

My time may have run its course but yours has just begun
Worry not for me for I shall watch over you,
My sweet lady, look ahead and just run
Always remember, always to your heart stay true.

Dear God, thank you for the life you gave me
A life those beautiful eyes set free,
But I miss her so dearly, it’s her I want to see
He said, choose 5 that you with her shall be”.

Those soft hands hold me close,
Each stroke such power, such love,
Each word filled with the hurt that her heart does disclose
Don’t stop my love, let your words fly like a dove.

A picture speaks a thousand words.
Her colour of life sweet eloquence
Her elegance rapturous, my dear Shepherd
Your canvas speaks of your essence.

Tick tock, tick tock the world goes by.
Forever by your side, my hands resting on yours,
Each second, closer to me, yet I don’t want it to fly
Tears rush down, you work without a pause.

Every morning I see that smile
Radiantly beautiful getting bigger day by day,
Those eyes looking at me, divine
Ready to show the world your play.

Forged in gold, the last bit on
Taking me around the new world you have forged,
A new day, a new dawn
Carry on.

Through 5, I live with you.
Through 5, I see you so free,
Through 5, I watch you shine through
Through 5, dear lady, you live for me.

·         - Aubrey King-Lee

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