Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Another Love Song


Asabi Oyin
I've tasted your warm honey rain,
Every stroke burnt my heart's metals 

And as such 
I have become a beggar in your streets,
bruised and tattered

Asabi Iwa
Your mind Has colonised mine
And like Nigerians before 1960,
I'm waving your flag patriotically
Craving assimilation
And embracing your cultures

Asabi Ewa
Your beauty boasts of itself
As the daily subtle morning rains of Eledua
Gently cooling the greens
And creating fog fine art;
Yemoja child

Asabi Ife
In this cool embrace of night
My heart has lit a thousand candles
And my soul produced a thousand songs
Hoping that the atmosphere would seem romantic
As in Hollywood flicks
So that your heart will want to sit in my chest
As my heart wants to sit in yours.

(6/2: I swear love is an insane feeling)


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