Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Behind the Smile

....In the darkest of nights 
You promised to be my knight
I reached out through the stars
Hoping you'd come shining 
I stood there..
Looking at the sky
Hoping you'd sweep me off the night turbulence 
There I was...
Reaching out to you
There you were
Staring at me
...Hoping I'd be strong for me
Longing for you and,
The promised descending of impromptu aid
...I was left there all by myself 
Staring at the dark clouds 
Wondering why you never came..
At my signal.
Then it dawned on me
I was promised nothing
For words are nothing 
In the nothingness 
I had hope to get a thing
Your affection undiluted 
You never came through.

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