Tuesday, 21 March 2017



I looked for you on the outside 

You appeared in different shades & colours 
Oh, I was wrong 
Did I expect to find you everywhere? 
You are beauty beneath the bones

For all the times I raced for my life 

I imagined if I will ever find you 
Maybe I was not meant to find you 
Just maybe I do not deserve your comfort 
You are beauty beneath the surface

I looked for you in shapes 

Are you that pretty face? 
My conviction of you is weak 
Maybe you do not exist anyways
The world said they have you 
But they painted you in multiple pictures 
Maybe you meant different things to different folks
Maybe you meant nothing to them all

I asked myself 

Have I lost you in those multitude of faces? 
Have you come to me in a shape I did not desire? 
Your complexion was dark & fair
Maybe I walked past you the other day 
Maybe I had you and let you slip through my fingers 
You should have told me it was you

Yinka Olonode