Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Food for Thought


Steering my hot soup
Seeing steam bubble
Thinking how all we came
Existence therefrom
And every want to rise to fame
Without breaking a simple sweat
Bullshit the leper and the lame
ladies around having no shame
Rise and fall is all about death

You came to word weak
Now you want everyone
know your name
Stepping on shoulders
Killing and slaughtering
Never giving in thought
A day you would be stuttering
Fly chicks and cars you hire
Feeding the hunger of your desire
Never thought all that matters

With a blink of eye
Seeing yourself up so high
And you wonder
Where am I
All that you did
Shown as your deeds
Never you knew!
All that you planted
Black seeds
But your heart starts to bleed
In pity and regrets

Phyin Pholu

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