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Chronicles of Juju


Episode 7
The look on Cynthia’s face when I asked the question was the strangest. I wondered if I should worry about it or not. Because, Cynthia was one girl I never understood: she was a really
shady girl, an Edo girl whose stories never added up. From the start of our friendship; when Chioma introduced her to the crew, I had never really liked her. Chioma said that they met in a salon and the girl seemed like a sweet girl. She kept on complementing Chioma and so they exchanged numbers. The next day, she was already at Chioma’s place, saying she wanted to know where Chioma lived. Two weeks after, she came up with a funny story about how her boyfriend who had engaged her two months ago chased her out of his apartment because he saw a text message she sent to her brother. She begged that she stayed at Chioma’s for a while and my darling Chioma bought the cock and bull.

A while turned to six months and Chioma needed her space so she chased her out of her house. Next we heard, she traveled to the States with her family for six months. In that period, nobody could reach her, not through phone calls nor Whatsapp, nothing. She came back to Nigeria with another tale of how she had bought a lot of goods to sell in Nigeria and had to ship the goods back. Since then till this minute, nobody has seen any goods. After some time, we just had to give ourselves brain and stopped asking her about her goods. So yes, I certainly wasn’t going to pay her any attention.
Minutes after, Shola told us that she moved her wedding to the end of the year, because she planned for it to hold in Dubai and needed to be sure we would be present, something like a getaway.
Three months later, Tunji’s work for Shola’s boss kicked off. He was to build a mini estate, with twelve blocks of flat for him and I was really happy that he got the deal. Working for Shola’s boss, Mr Olanipekun, would have his name alongside the A-list architects and constructors in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.
I remembered the day he signed the contract; we had a romantic dinner to celebrate it. He was in his freaky mood that night, insisting I wore the light green dinner dress he got me as a valentine’s present. The dress had a long slit on the left side that exposed the right amount of my thighs and a plunging neckline, which made the sexy birth mark I have on my left boobs visible. Then as we rode to the venue, he made me take some sips of Alomo bitters drink –the world’s surest aphrodisiac, he always calls it-. He said he needed to keep me needy for him that night and at the end of the dinner, I understood why.
The restaurant was large and cozy, the serenity of the place was very romantic, it was an ideal place for couples who wanted to spark up their romantic life. The soft blue and red lights that lit up the room, the sweet melodies of Adele and John legend, everything just felt right. I walked in slowly and Tunji walked alongside, maintaining a really close contact with me, stroking the back of my neck with his left thumb until we arrived at our table. Each touch sparked up mild fire all over my body. I kept on giggling as he did what he did. As we sat down, he whispered, “Babes, before we do anything, I think we need to visit the ladies”. I looked at him, really shocked at what he had just said, but the face that met my gaze told me that he knew exactly what he talking about, I knew it too, but I was not a PDA kind of girl, never kissed a guy in public, talk more of going all the way in an exotic restaurant like this. But, with Tunji, I could do anything.
And that was how I had my first sneaky quickie ever in the rest room. It was a strange, adventurous, spicy and sweet feeling. As I made my way to the ladies, I kept on looking behind my shoulder, I felt everyone in the room knew what we were about to do and had their eyes glued to us. Then, he whispered, “babes, relax, we are only going to have sex not to kill a human being, so walk like you know this fact”. Oh my gosh guys, Tunji has some experience mehn, what do you think?
Anyway, we were back at the table for dinner in ten minutes, what we had was purely an intention to please me and nothing else. When the waiter came to take our order, I found Tunji’s toe between my thighs, caressing them gently with a desperate plea for access into my pleasure room. And I freely indulged him.
My smiling face met the waiter’s, then I shut my eyes for about a minute and took the menu from him to see if I could make sense of what was written there. He worked me even more, his big toe playing on the surface of my vagina. I was super turned on and really needy, but still had to maintain a straight face and sheepish smile. I fixed my gaze on Tunji, silently begging him to set me free. I certainly couldn’t eat nor focus, at this point, I didn’t care about the waiter, I was in dire need of satisfaction. I needed this man in front of me badly.
Somehow, I managed to point at something on the menu, asked that the same be brought for him too. My gaze went back to Tunji’s face and I asked, “Why are you doing this to me?”.
“Because I can. Because I want to implant in your head memories that you would never forget my darling. Because I want to give you too much that you would have to beg me to fuck you”, He said with a confident, naughty and wicked smile, not minding who could hear us.
Oh, I was getting there, I was going to beg this man, I was going to ask that he saved me from this torture.
I stared pitifully at the Chinese rice and chicken sauce the waiter had served us, I was definitely hungry, but hungry for something way more than rice and stew. I got up and made my way to the ladies and we had another round of very fast hot sex. This time, I had my lipstick all over him: his face, sky blue TM shirt, deep blue briefs –yeah you know I had to give him a doze of his own medicine-. When we were done, he came out before me, and paid the bill. As I made my way out, I could tell that half the people in the room were aware of our escapade because their eyes were fixed on me with this funny look, the look that says you guys should have remained in your home.
Sunday evenings were the only times Tunji allowed me watch E and keeping up with the Kardashians, most especially. He usually would join me in watching and we would end up dissecting the lives of the Kardashians,  Khloe was his best character, so every time she was shown, we would pay a little more attention. But this Sunday evening was different. He left for the room the moment the show started and was there for over thirty minutes. At some point, I missed his tantrums and went to find out what he was up to. Then I heard it:
Tunji was on the phone with a lady, whispering really low so that I wouldn’t hear him from the living room. Then I heard him say, “Shush Shola, don’t say that, it is not your fault, I know you never wanted to hurt your friend, I know you always beg me each time, but your body, oh my Lord, your body. I can't seem to get my eyes off those boobs of yours each time I am in a room with you, no matter who is in the room with us. The way they feel in my mouth, soft, succulent and always ready for me. Oh my dear, I cannot resist you, I cannot help myself around you, you have caught this young man right here.”
I walked back to the living room like a zombie, fighting myself not to believe what I just heard, I put off the television, laid down on the couch and tears willfully rolled down my eyes.
Alarm bells from my phone jolted me awake,making me realize I had dozed off on the couch, Tunji didn’t carry me in? then maybe what I heard was real after all, I thought to myself.
I certainly could not concentrate at work, I sent Chioma dozens of messages pretty much saying the same thing: “please do not leave your house, I’d be there as soon as I get off work”. I needed to see Chioma, I needed to look her in the eye, search it for the tiniest sign if she knew a thing about what I just found out. Somewhere in my mind, I prayed she didn’t, because, if she did, I might have just ended up killing her for not telling me.
5:36pm and I was at her place in Lekki Phase1. She was really angry that I made her cancel all her appointments for the day.
“Ahn ahn, Juju, couldn’t you have just sent a text or something, whatever it is, or just called me up, haa” she said, almost screaming.
She sounded just like the Chioma I knew, genuine and transparent, she certainly wasn’t hiding anything from me, so I smiled at her and made up a story about how Tunji had cancelled our appointment and I felt he was beginning to see me finish and needed her advice. She hissed and went into her kitchen. I then told her that I would take her to see a movie as a consolation for all the appointments she missed. The way her face beamed up in excitement; kai, this my friend and riding on someone else’s bill. The entrepreneur in her had made her very calculative with her money.
As I stepped into the house, the nice aroma of fried eggs and plantain welcomed me. Tunji prepared dinner. He was acting normal, like nothing was up. He had called me severally during the day to know where I was and when I would be back home. We showered together, had dinner, turned off the light and went to bed. I backed him, but my eyes were wide open, patiently waiting for that silly-sounding snore of his so I could prove my doubting Thomas mind wrong: that my Tunji was human and knew not to bang his girlfriend’s friend. Finally, it came, that cute and childlike snore from the man I loved with my life. I listened to it for a minute or two, jerked myself to reality and picked up his phone and went through everything possible, and there it was, my world almost came to an end, Tunji hadn’t just had sex with Shola, but he also did it today, oh gosh…. The messages: Tunji vividly described all parts of Sholas body. I was too scared. I picked up my phone and dialed the number saved as Sholly on Tunji’s phone on mine to find out if it was the same Shola I knew, the moment her name popped up, I screamed so aloud as I smashed both our phones on the wall.

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    1. Tunji really is the baddest, he must be a sex addict.😈

  2. Two things:
    1. she would have to leave Tunji finally (which I hope she does, for her own sanity).
    2. Be Bewitched by his Yoruba boy charms and listen whatever he has to give as an explanation and ask for her forgiveness.

    1. Lol... By now, we all know which of your suggestions she went with, don't we?

  3. Well. Beautiful story. The only sad part is that my name is Shola too. But I would never cheat with my friend's boyfriend

    1. Thank You very much. And I am sure you are a different Shola from the one in the story. You really sound different.