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Movie Review:

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Isoken is a romantic comedy, expertly directed, produced and written by Jadesola Osiberu. She presented the very familiar tale of a single and successfulNigerian Lady at age 34 and
the pressure that comes with it in a very commendable way.

Isoken is a tale of a Nigerian Lady, who is single and successful at age 34, which in a society like ours, is almost seen as a taboo; so she receives constant pressure and ridicule from her immediate society, spear-headed by her mother. After several unsuccessful matchmaking sessions by her mother, she finally hits the jackpot with the introduction of a tall, dark and handsome character, Osaze. He is everything a high class societal lady requires in a man. To the eyes of many, he was the perfect match for Isoken and even to her, Isoken; but Kelvin comes and fills in the silent romantic synergic void Isoken unconsciously knew existed between her and Osaze.

Also enthralling the movie were the amazing characters of Isoken’s friends Agnes, Joke and Kukua; not forgetting the impressing performance of Isoken’s sister, Reme.

The movie is a proof that there’s a major new filmmaking talent in town as the strong allure of originality filled the air of each scene. It was evident that the director knew her audience were certainly tired of predictable plot twists, so she decided to introduce fresh ideas of possible twists: The time Joke went to Isoken’s office crying and we all thought she was there to complain about her husband cheating, but we were proven wrong by the real reason she was there. Or, the wedding scene, where we could have bet our money on the fact that it was that of Isoken and Kelvin’s; until, the faces of the couple showed and I almost started clapping.

The intentional fusion of African touch to the color and theme of the movie and deliberate twist of relating all African touch to the oyinbo man and Western touch to his Nigerian rival was highly commendable. Then the soothing soundtracks of the movie felt like a different entertainment on its own. One could attend an open mic event and listen to the soundtracks of the movie and be truly satisfied.

The characters:

Very amazing pick of actors ranging from Dakore Akande to a face we have certainly missed in the acting scene for quite a while, Patrick Doyle.
Dakore Akande reminded us that she only went on a “building her family” break and not an acting break, because she brought in all the sauce we know her for and more to this movie. She truly gave life to the character, Isoken.

The world has watched Funke Akindele play Jenifa for so long; that even I had forgotten what a versatile actress she was. She knew this and made sure she changed that mentality in her role as one of Isoken’s friends. It was supposed to be a supporting role, but she left a very lasting impression in our minds. I was impressed to say the least.

The role Bolanle Olukanni played was a gift to her, I must say. It was a cool and supporting role of a sister to Isoken and she pulled it off effortlessly, I was almost convinced that is what real life holds for her.

Sadly, Damilola Adegbite disappointedly struggled with the delivery of her role. I had high expectations for her, but something was off; like she was too star struck by the other actors in the movie, or intimidated, that she found it hard to perform.

Finally, Nedu of Wazobia FM is slowly warming his way into our hearts with his acting career. He brought life to an almost irrelevant character; and this was impressing.

In summary, the movie was beautiful and a delight to watch. On a scale from zero to five, I’d score this film a four because it was Nollywood like I have been yearning for. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone: young and old; married and single; individual and coupled up…. Everyone.

Full Cast
Dakore Akande – Isoken
Joseph Benjamin – Osaze
Funke Akindele-Bello – Agnes
Marc Rhys – Kelvin
Damilola Adegbite – Joke
Lydia Forson – Kukua
Tina Mba – Mama Isoken
Patrick Doyle – Papa Isoken
Nedu – Chuks

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  1. Nice review @talk2urhommie..I always look forward to your reviews before hitting the cinema. .keep up the good work darl.

    1. Thank you very much. I will soon be posting my review of Picture Perfect. You should read it too, I might just be able to assist you in making the decision to see or not to see the movie.