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Chronicles of Juju

A picture describing the life of a young Nigerian lady

Episode 18
Four days later, I got a call from Chioma, she sounded really cold and hesitant. I knew why she was calling: Shola must have put to bed. I knew she knew that
it was Tunji’s child. I was tired of everyone: my friends; my husband; my work; my colleagues. Everyone. I wished I could run away from my life. I wished I could live someone else’s life.

“Have you spoken to Shola?” Chioma asked.

“What sex is the child?” I replied.

“A boy.” She said.

I felt a sudden chill immediately run down my body. Shola just had a son for Tunji. My husband was a father now and the mother of his first child was Shola. Oh lord.
“Juju, are you still there?” Chioma asked.

“Yes I am. What is it?”

“I do not want to sound philosophical now; but, you know that Tunji holds as much blame as Shola does and it is totally unfair that you treat her like this. So I advise you to go home and trash things out with the man that made all this to happen.” Chioma said.

That was my biggest issue with Chioma. She always spoke the truth, no matter how much it hurts. I had stayed away from all my friends, including Chioma. I had stayed away because I did not want to be a pity party. I did not want anyone to know how much I was hurting and in pains.

I rested my fore head on my palm and said,

“I hope you realized that you also have blames apportioned to you, because I knew Tunji was wrong from the first day, but you called it my silly fallacy of young fine men not being faithful. Now see where you have landed me.

When did she bring forth the little one?”

“Some minutes ago.” Chioma replied.

“What hospital is she in.”

“Budo hospital in Ajah, but I must warn you –“

“Tunji is there, I know. It is his child; he has to be. Thanks for the heads up anyway. I love you my friend.” I said and hung up.

“I walked into my MD’s office, he was on a call, so I scribbled on a piece of paper that I needed to head to a client’s office in Ajah.

He mouthed the words, “No prior appointment?” 

I nodded, then said,

“A lot of money is involved.”

He nodded and I left.

On my way to the hospital; I imagined all possible scenes that would welcome me. I was not able to finish any thought through, because new thoughts kept riding on the same lane the previous one was. I did not know what to expect.

Tunji is standing at the entrance of her room, mopping at her and the baby in uncertainty. He does not know how to handle it, because he doesn’t know what life would be like going forward. He wishes I were the one on the bed, so he would be able to sit on the bed with me, give me a thousand pecks on my forehead and rock our son till he sleeps, wakes up and sleeps again. That is the exact picture you would meet Juju. There is nothing to be afraid of. I said to myself.

As I approached Abraham Adesanya roundabout, I became uneasy. I wanted to pee. My heart was beating fast. How did I get here this quick? I must have been driving really fast. I should take it easy before I have an accident. I said to myself. But even at my adjusted slow pace; I still got to the hospital. I packed my car, picked up my phone and placed a call through to my Mum.

“Hello, Ojuolape, I had to go to this foolish woman’s house to collect my money. She has been owing me for six months now. Let me call you when I am finished with her”

“No, mummy, don’t worry, I will just hold on till you are done. You do not have to hang up.” I replied.

“Ahn ahn, my dear, it is money matter now. You know how I am with my debtors? I do not want you saying I am shouting too much and how that will increase my blood pressure. I will call you soon.” She said, then hung up.

I replaced my phone in my bag and got out of the car, straight to the reception.

“My sister, Shola, just put to bed. Can you show me to her room?” I said to the front desk officer.

“Her husband is with her, but they did not say they were expecting anyone. Let me call their room to find out.” She replied.

“Oh no, you do not have to. I just got back from the states and want to surprise her. We have been counting down to this day and I would not want to miss the surprise look on her face.” I said, giving her a big sister smile.

She smiled back and directed to the room. As I walked towards the room, I began to wonder if I made a wrong decision; if I should have just allowed the lady call Shola; why I had to even lie.

I got to the room, room 312, and opened the door.

Tunji was seating on the bed with the baby in his hands, he was smiling happily at the child and bent to kiss him on his forehead when Shola said,

“Juju, you have made me happy with your presence here.”

Tunji froze. I totally ignored him and walked up to Shola. I looked around for a seat, but there was none. It was a private ward. It had just one bed, Shola’s bed.

Shola opted to call the nurse, but I stopped her and sat on her bed, directly beside Tunji, then I asked,

“What will he be called?”

She was silent for a long while, so I made a very silly joke: Let me try, Tj, as per Tunji Junior. She nodded.

“What? Your son will be called Tunji?” I asked, shocked.

“Juju, let us talk outside.” Tunji said.

“I was talking to Shola not you my dear husband.” I replied with a smile and went on,

“That is a sweet name Shola, I mean, why would I expect otherwise, this is his first child. So tell me; how was child birth? Is it true what they say? That it is the most painful thing on earth?”

“Yes my dear, but you know me now, at some point I told the doctor that I could not push anymore. Tunji had to claim being my ….”

She went silent, as though she just realized what she was about to say.

“Husband? Yes, the lady at the front desk mentioned that. Okay he had to pose as your husband to give the doctor a go ahead to perform a CS operation right? That makes sense. I am really happy for you my friend. Forget what I said about your child coming to my house alone. You can come with him. We are friends, more like sisters; men will always come and go, but friends will remain for life.

I have to leave now before my boss starts calling me up.” Then I got up and left.
On my way out, my Mum’s call came in. I reached for my phone and turned it off. Let her spend her whole life with her debtor I mused and headed to Ebeanor supermarket to get alcohol.

I was going to buy and guzzle as many bottles as I could get. I was going to drink with Tunji. We were going to drink all night. We would drink until Tunji was drunk enough to forget his nonsense about not having sex with me because of the fast. We were going to have sex that night and I would be pregnant. I must get pregnant for my husband today.

I hope you are not bothered about me not going back to the office, because at this point, I expect that you would know that I did not care if I lose my job or not. All I wanted was to bear a child for my husband.

*************To be continued*************

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  1. This episode is too short and it takes ages for you to post another episode. You are supposed to inform your readers when the next episode would come. For example: check on thursday for next episode. It's tiring when we have no idea of the next episode then we just keep checking the site until we see an episode. Kindly work on it. Thank you.

    1. Hi dear, thank you for you comment and observations. It is actually my bad; I have not clearly communicated schedules for posting on my blog. I post stories every Tuesdays; movie reviews on Fridays and on my YouTube channel on Saturdays.

      My YouTube channel is called Talk2urhommie. There, I discuss juicy topics that affect us all as humans and give vital tips on how to live a life of happiness and any other topic you might want me to discuss. Going forward, I will be posting content i share on my YouTube here, so you can watch and get the best of all the interesting things I cook up.

      As regards the length of episode, I always consider word count when i write episodes, because, as much as i want to entertain my audience, I also want to make sure I do not lose some people based on too lengthy stories at once.

      Most importantly, like @nickyrichx21 suggested, I encourage that you subscribe to my blog, so you get an instant notification once a new post is up.

      I hope I have been able to clarify your concerns. Thanks once again for reaching out and do not forget to subscribe to my blog.

  2. Dude @ninicks, there are so many other mind blowing things on the site. Just like a TV station, you have a foray of programs to watch. If it takes forever, it is because you are enjoying it like the rest of us. GOT#7 was released late this year. The fans didn't kill the producers, we patiently waited. I would like to think the Writer(s) may have been busy working on a different project to entertain the audience. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the blog and turn on your notification button to get notifications of the story when it pops up.

    1. Oh thanks a lot for this comment.I sincerely appreciate.

  3. Either its comes in late or not, maam you try, its beta its comes late and it make sense, rather than early and not make any sense, as par been short, mehn its makes us expectant, observations are OK, but the writter need to be applaud, so good work girl

    1. Awww, this means a lot to me. Thank You so much and I promise to always put out only interesting and enlightening contents. Thank You.