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Chronicles of Juju

Cover picture for Chronicles of Juju. Episode 18.

Episode 19

I know I said I was going to Ebeanor Supermarket to get some alcohol, but somehow, my hand was wheeling my car past Ebeanor to Lekki phase 1. I put a call through to Chioma to find out if she was home. She did not
sound like she was home, but she said she was.

She obviously was not home, because when I got to her apartment, her security man informed me that she left some minutes back. I called her again, but as it rang, I saw her car coming into her street.

Awww, she was on her way out, but turned back because I said I was coming. What a friend.

“Chioma, for months now, all I have been doing, is trying hard not to cry. I think I need to divorce my husband. What kind of life am I living? How is it that my husband has his first child and another woman is the mother? Who again is the other woman? My friend. Oh God.” I said and heaved a deep breath as I sat down on the cream couch in her living room.

Chioma was just sitting there, mopping at me. Who would blame her, she told me so from the beginning.

“Chioma, you know what? Let us try something new for the first time; let us talk about you. What is your relationship life like? And please, do not give me all your on the surface talk, about how you will find a man when you find a man, because that has been your response to this same question for years now. So start.”

“Juju, I do not know what to say.”

“Let me help you out. I would keep asking you questions and when you have formed the perfect response, please stop me.

When was the last time you had sex? With whom? Did you enjoy it? Do you even have sex? Are you a virgin? Or wait o Chioma, is that the case? Oh that is the case, how did I not figure it out all along. I must really be a fool.”

“What is? Talk joor!” Chioma said, almost snapping.

“That you are not into guys. You do girls. You surely do girls.” I replied, giggling as I said every word.

“Okay stop. Let’s take it one step at a time.” Chioma said. “I had sex with a guy last night my friend and it sure was better than anything you have ever had. I do not do girls. Not like I have anything against ladies who do girls o, I have just had too much dick in my life, that I cannot imagine what will be happening if I tried going down with a girl. I mean, what will we be doing? Kissing and touching? Finish? Nah girl, I would always want more.

Now, why I do not talk to you about it: I rather younger guys to older men. I do not know if it is just me o, but the kind of energy young boys of nowadays have is something else. After they have taken all they like to take, they will now come and finish work on me. It is crazy and I love it.

You see, it is that look on your face that I have been avoiding all these years, that is why I have never mentioned this to you.”

As she said it, I caught myself and forced a smile. What was she saying, that she sleeps with boys of eighteen and nineteen years? That she is a cougar? Ewww, who does that? Kai, I should have been quiet o, I should not have asked her o. How do I bring myself to dealing with this now?

“Juju, while you journey into the land of consideration if a friend is worth your friendship, just know that I have never judged you before. I watched you call everything bluff and marry Tunji, who obviously was not good for you. I did not see you differently or worthless. We are still friends. So keep this at the back of your mind when the demons in your head give you advice.”

And she was right. Who was I to judge? Who is anybody to judge. Hell, I am in her house complaining about Tunji and how I am sure I need to divorce him, but my mind has a list of all the strong alcohol I would buy that would coarse Tunji into breaking his rule and make love to me. So who then was I to judge?

“That is true my friend. Sleeping with young guys is not the best, but certainly not as bad as sleeping with and giving birth for your friend’s husband. That’s just devilish and demonic. I love you Chioma, but I would start looking for the right man to hook you up with. Speaking of which, I had planned to hook Paul up with Becky, but now that we have had this discussion, you are just the perfect candidate.” I said.

“Plus Paul o, plus Becky, hold them to yourself and let us face the matter on ground. Do you truly truly, from the depth of your heart, think you can live your life without Tunji?” She asked.

You see the thing I told you about Chioma? She always knew how to hit the spot.

“No, Chioma, I do not think I can.” I replied

“So instead of scheming ways to divorce him and ending up fooling yourself. You should start with bringing yourself to a point where you can live without him. I do not know what card Tunji has sold you; but Juju, I have known you since our University days. You are an interesting, hot and smart individual. I mean, look at your situation with Paul. He knew that you had a man in your life but was hell bent on winning you over until the very end. Did you see his face at your wedding? Juju, there is something about you that spikes up something good in men that you are not aware of.

So you would go back to your marriage and work on finding out what that thing is. Only then will we have the conversation on if you should divorce Tunji or not.” Chioma said. And that speech surely deserved a standing ovation.

I am sure I would sound like a broken record if I told you I was crying at this point; but I was. There was something in me? I did not even know that I was worth anything to any man. I thought that all men saw in me was just a being to be fooled and trampled upon. I hugged Chioma deeply and cried some more, then headed for the mall, to get the liquor.

In the car, I remembered Shola’s talk about Tunji’s conversation with Mark on his phone. Hmmm, what could the conversation be? Who was Mark anyway? Shola’s boyfriend or the true father of Shola’s child? But if he was the father, why then were they naming the boy Tunji? Oh Lawd, what should I do? Should I just check the phone and save myself all this stress or forget about Shola and win my husband and marriage back? I thought to myself.

You know what, Juju? You would sort your marriage out first, before you think about Shola, Mark and your special effect on men, I muttered under my breath as I got to The Palms. I entered into the games store and bought a bottle of Hennessey, Bacardi, Alize and red wine. I just wanted any alcoholic drink that would do the magic. Heading home, I stopped by at Jakande market and got some meat, tomatoes and vegetables.

I drove into my compound at 7pm, parked my car, then put a call through to my boss to tell him how I had to attend a meeting with the client and that the client asked me to prepare a proposal about the benefit he would get if he allowed us promote his reputation and business (You know it is all lies right?)

I met Tunji sitting akimbo on the couch in the living room, the TV was on, but his mind was far away from present, he looked like one who had rehearsed his lines all day and did not want to flinch so he does not forget any part of it.

“Good evening my dear husband. I know there is a lot to be said, but just give me a minute.” I said and walked into the kitchen, stocked the refrigerator with the drinks, went into our bedroom, had a quick shower, put on a black bump short and a white camisole (with no bra of course), went to the kitchen, prepared a sauced up meat, placed two wine glasses on a tray and the bottles of Hennessey and Alize and set up the dining table.

When we sat, I almost filled up his glass with Hennessey, until he touched my hand and said,

“That is enough Juju. What are we drinking to?”

“Drinking to? That is a sad way to put it. We are celebrating a lot of things my love: Fatherhood, motherhood and the birth of Tunji Junior. Is that not a lot of things to be happy about? Drink my dear and there is more meat in the pot if you want more.”

Thirty minutes into it and I had almost achieved my aim. My husband was getting there. He was laughing a lot and had almost finished the bottle. He was strong headed when it came to alcohol, so I was just waiting for the right time to actualize my plan.

As I downed my Alize, I reached out for his palm and started working: I traced imaginary straight lines on the back his palm, through his shoulder and then his neck. I stopped at neck and changed course to drawing circles at the back of his neck. He began to moan, he always moaned when I did this to him. I did this for about five minutes, when it hit him hard and he shut his eyes, I stopped and went to the kitchen to get more meat for us.

I got back to a bare chested Tunji. He asked that I did my hand magic on his chest and who was I to deny my husband what was rightfully his. I began to draw different shapes on his chest. I then reached lower to see how the man in him was taking it and that was the point Tunji regained consciousness and said,

“Stop it Juju, please stop. I also want to have sex with you, but before we do it, I must tell you something.”

He said it in the way ladies say stop it, I do not want it with their mouth, but every other thing in them was screaming otherwise. So I did what most guys in that situation will do. I asked that we talked about it after I gave him a head. He agreed and that was it.

I teased him with all the antics I had picked up, from my experiences with guys; the naughty discussions I have had with my friends and all the adult movie I have ever seen. I messed up his senses with the tip of my tongue. I drew circles around the cap of his penis, then closed my mouth around the cap and began to suck. I sucked it like a child sucked his mother’s breast in anticipation for milk. At this point, his moans became louder and harsh. I slowly took in more of him, took out all the air in my mouth and started to suck with that same intention and anticipation that something I really needed to live was going to come out of it.

Tunji started to jerk, he was moving up and down and moaning louder and harsher.

“I do not want to come yet. Where did you learn to give head this good? This is the best head I have had in my life. You give the best head in this world. No matter what anyone tries to do, they can never give head as good as you do.”

All these were mere words to me, the only thing I wanted at that time was for him to fertilize my eggs, so I could get pregnant once and for all.

*************To be continued*************

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