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A picture of my review of Banana Island Ghost

                                Banana Island Ghost (B.I.G)…

B.I.G is an action/comedy film that features a range of beautiful actors like: Chioma “Chigurl” Omeruah, Patrick Diabuah, Bimbo Manuel, Saidi Balogun, Ali Nuhu, Tina Mba, Akaha Nnana and a host of others. BB Sasore and Biola Alabi media teamed up to create this rattling good film.

B.I.G is a story of a man (Patrick Diabuah) who dies at a premature age and refuses to go to heaven except he finds his soul mate. He finally enters into a pact with God, where he will be sent, as a ghost, to his soulmate, with a deadline of three days to make her fall in love with him and bring her to heaven. The action of the film sets in when Ijeoma (Chigurl), the soulmate, is willing to do anything to salvage her father’s house and the ghost has to follow suit in order to win her heart.

The movie is a breath of fresh air with a strong intention to crack the audience up; suffice to say that the intention was met. BB Sasore gave his debut performance as a movie director with this one and from the turnout of events, he did not do badly at all. I only experienced one or two detours, like when a car knocked Ijeoma down and seeing her in the next scene without any scratch or sign of an accident; Or how rather absurd it was for Ijeoma to have a sum of N200,000 readily in her bag waiting for a boyfriend, whom she had no prior appointment with, to come collect it.

The air of originality each scene carried was definitely commendable. Even though not the first time, but to have a Nigerian movie burn a vehicle for real for real on third mainland bridge was good. And the idea of God almighty, played in a remarkable way, in a movie, ahn ahn, we should really doff cap for them jor.

Let me take a moment to talk about the music, sound effect and cinematography. One word: Excellent. I can almost bet my money on the fact that B.I.G would win the award for the best use of soundtrack in a movie. The music was a compilation of sweet Nigerian songs and was used in a very timely manner. The sound effects were real and believable, making the action scene very Hollywood like. And the cinematography was top notch, it gave Lagos an appealing look. Thumbs Up. 

It was obvious that the movie had a lot of sponsors and all the brands had guns to the editor’s head for visibility; because, the brands and logos that kept popping up in almost all the scenes were a lot extra. We saw brands like: Lipton; Sunlight; Cold Stone creamery; BRT; Health Plus and Coca Cola all up in our faces. Well, it wasn’t all bad, because the movie gave birth to what I call the best Nigerian Coca Cola commercial ever.

The characters:
Okay, Chigurl gave us a brief introduction of her acting persona: She was a mix of her witty self and a rather serious phonee speaking banana island chic. She was the perfect person to have played the role Ijeoma.

Patrick Diabuah, who played the ghost, came with an unexpected energy and verve, his experience from stage plays paid off. He was amusing, confused, serious and mysterious all at the same time. He basically delivered a thumbs up performance.

Bimbo Manuel keeps proving to us why he was relevant in past and is still relevant now. He was an effortless God in this one. He plays his roles out like acting has become a walk in the park for him. He deserves to have an ego attached to his acting career.

All other characters in the movie were beautiful except for our darling Ali Nuhu. With Ali’s long acting career, it is safe to say that there must have been a misunderstanding between his person and the casting directors; because, he has no business playing a big bad wolf character, Mr King. It does not just fit him. One tip: If the role is not that of a lover boy, then, Ali just might not deliver.

In conclusion, the movie was a delight to watch. On a scale from zero to five, I give this film a three and a half; because, apart from the little flaws here and there, it was Nollywood fresh and exciting. I recommend this movie to everyone who is in for a good laugh and willing to be proud of our country, Nigeria.

Full Cast
Chioma ‘Chigurl’Omeruah – Ijeoma
Patrick Diabuah – Ghost
Bimbo Manuel– God
Saidi Balogun – DPO
Ali Nuhu – Mr King
Akaha Nnani – Sergeant
Tina Mba – Ijeoma’s Mother
Uche Jombo – Ghost Mama
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