Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Ride.

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Episode 1

Post-UME results came out and I didn’t make the cut off mark required to gain admission into University of Lagos. I was ecstatic. I knew that once again, my ploy had worked. I just needed to deal with my Mum.

Three days later:

Friday, 22 September 2017

Single Girls Gist 4

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From an Icon to A Single Lady:
                                          An Interview with  Joke Silva

I know it has been a while; and yes, I missed you too. Today, I am handing the mic to our very own Aunty Joke Silva, to give us life lessons on how to stay positive, sure and happy as single ladies; at least until we get

Friday, 15 September 2017

Movie Review

TATU the Movie Review


TATU is a well told African epic adventurous story, with a little bit of horror in it. The movie is an adaptation of the book, Tatu, written by Abraham E. Nwankwo, produced and expertly directed by Filmone Production and Don Omope respectively. Abraham presented a very relatable tale of the humiliation and desperation that comes with a woman’s childlessness, in an intriguing way.

Tatu is a tale of a childless Nigerian widow, who will stop at nothing to hear the cry of her own child. Her determination pushes her to enter into a pact with the god of her land, Gburu, to bare a daughter, Tatu, and then sacrifice her for the forgiveness of the sins of the people. At the sight of her child, the mother would

Movie Review

What Lies Within Movie Review

                                               What Lies Within.

What Lies Within is a thriller that features a range of beautiful actors like: Ebele Okaro – Onyuike, Michelle Dede, Paul Utomi, Vanessa Nzediegwu and a host of others. Vanessa Nzediegwu and Paul Utomi, teamed up to create this very draggy, but suspenseful film.

What Lies Within is a 24-hour chronicle of the life of a young woman, Ireti (Vanessa Nzediegwu) who has been constantly abused, both physically and emotionally by her husband, Brian (Ken Erics). This faithful morning, she placed a call through to her friend and sister-in-law, Fiona (Michelle Dede) and their lives

Saturday, 9 September 2017

My Eko Hotel Trips

I attended Ajebo Unleashed 4.0 and it was LIT!!! And Yo, I caught the comedian "Still Ringing" propose to his girlfriends on camera. WATCH!...

Friday, 8 September 2017

Movie Review

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                                    My Wife & I

My wife & I…...a comedy drama piece, written, directed and produced by Chinaza Onuzo, Bunmi Ajakaiye and Inkblot Production respectively. The trio teamed up to create a very predictable body-swap story in an insightful and humorous manner.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Chronicles of Juju

Cover picture for Chronicles of Juju (Season Finale)

Episode 20 (Season Finale)

I woke up the next morning feeling like a shining star. I was shining from inside out. I felt like a real woman; I was able to get my husband to do just what I wanted him to do in the easiest way there was.

I turned to my side and looked at him, he was sleeping like a child. I bent over and planted a wet love kiss on his lips. He responded instantaneously, licking his lips, as though I had rubbed something sweet on his lips. He opened his eyes and his gaze met my smiling face. He suddenly jumped