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Chronicles of Juju

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Episode 20 (Season Finale)

I woke up the next morning feeling like a shining star. I was shining from inside out. I felt like a real woman; I was able to get my husband to do just what I wanted him to do in the easiest way there was.

I turned to my side and looked at him, he was sleeping like a child. I bent over and planted a wet love kiss on his lips. He responded instantaneously, licking his lips, as though I had rubbed something sweet on his lips. He opened his eyes and his gaze met my smiling face. He suddenly jumped
out of the bed.

“What is it my dear?” I asked, thinking he had had a nightmare,

“What just happened Juju? Did we have sex? We had sex right?” He asked in the most frightening way.

I did not understand why having sex with my husband was such a big deal; so, I smiled at him in a very sexy way. Then he screamed,

“Answer me right now! Did we have sex?”

“Yes, Tunji, we had sex yesterday!”, I yelled back at him

“Oh Ojuolape, why would you allow such a thing to happen? I promised never to have sex with you until I was sure it was safe for you. Now, I…”

“Safe for me? What was safe for me? What is going on?”, I interjected, feeling really frustrated.

Tunji got up from the bed and stormed out of the room angrily. It was 6:22am, I knew I should be preparing for work, but I needed to get to the end of the matter; I needed to know what was happening; needed to know why my husband was mad at the fact that he had sex with me; And why it was not safe. So I ran out of the room, straight to the living room. There, I found Tunji sitting on the couch, he looked really troubled.

“Oh I deserve to know what is going on right now. What is the matter Tunji? What sort of a man have I married oh my God?”, I was pacing round the living room, screaming at the top of my voice, with my two hands on my head.

“Oh please stop this nonsense right now! You tricked me into doing this. You intentionally got me drunk so you would have your way. How could you, Ojuolape? How could you have sold yourself so cheaply for how many minutes of pleasure? Is that how addicted you are to sex? How sure am I that you have not been getting it from somewhere else and now, out of guilt you coax me to this?”, he shouted.

“You are certainly delusional, that is the case right now. You sleep with MY FRIEND, get her pregnant, name her son after you, starve me of sex and you have the guts to accuse me of cheating. That is it, I am living this sham of a marriage. I wish you good luck as you find whatever it is that you are looking for.”, I said and stormed into the room.

“You are done Juju; you will not shed a tear. Not now, now ever, that man there is not worth your tears at all!” I said to myself, as I carelessly threw my cloths in a bag.

Half way into it, I felt Tunji’s hand on my shoulder, I turned to find him in tears. But I was done. His crocodile tears were not going to do it this time. So I continued packing. Then he knelt beside me and grabbed my right leg tight.

“I just wanted us to pray and fast seriously. Juju, I have wronged you and God a great deal and I wanted to get total cleansing from God once and for all.”, he said.

“Really? Total cleansing? Even the bible in Corinthians warned that we should not starve our partners of sex, no matter the cleansing we are looking for, so what is this? Well, don’t bother responding, I am done with this marriage. Go and bring Shola and her child in. Let it be known today that I left my home for another woman to come in; after all, she is more of a woman than I am because she was able to get pregnant for you.”, I responded and tried to set my leg free, but Tunji tightened his grip.

“Please, do not say a thing like that, I am very sorry. I wanted to be a new person really bad that I forgot all about your needs. Going forward, we would have sex as often as you want; I will never stop you from having your way in anything again; just don’t leave me, please. My life is a mess already, please do not make it any worse, please do not leave me. Remember we made a vow, in the presence of God, to stick with each other through thick and thin. Please Juju, please.”, He said, then got up and began to unpacked my things.

I was too weak to argue or fight back. I shut my eyes for a minute, inhaled and let out hot tears from my eyes. I was willing to give us one final chance.

The next few days were different. Everything was new and blissful. It was as though I was married to a different man. In the evenings, when I got back from work, we would sit in the living room and discuss all about my day; we would laugh at all the silliness that was going on in Nigeria. We had become happy, truly happy and never spoke about what happened that day; neither did I care to find out why my husband felt having sex with me was not safe. I liked how things were going in my marriage and I was willing to keep it that way.

It was until I spoke to Chioma that I remembered our agreement on me devising a means to live without Tunji.

“Chioma, we are fine now, you do not need to bother yourself about me.”, I had told her on one of our phone conversations.

“Oh Juju, if I got a Dollar for every time you have said this to me and ended up in chaos with your husband, I would certainly be a billionaire now.”, Chioma responded.

“I know, but this time is different. I did the worse to him. I threatened to leave him and I meant it. He knew I meant it, so he changed, totally. I finally have that forever after life I have always dreamt of.”, I replied.

“But this is the Tunji I know, my dear. The moment he senses he is about to lose you, he would come back to his senses and when you are neck deep into it again, he messes up. Juju, I need you to understand that I am not against your marriage, neither am I against your happiness. I just want you to be careful.” Chioma said.

“And I am careful my dear friend. I was thinking about our last conversation, you know, the one where we talked about you and the kind of guys you like. So I set up a date for us all: You, Tunji, Paul and I. I need to introduce you to him officially. Do not worry, a visit to his apartment will make you thank me for life.”, I said, trying hard to change the topic and prayed that she took the bait.

“Hmmm, my dear, I will not mind the date o, because the way my account looks right now, I seriously need a helper. So when is it?”, she replied.

And that was when I realized that I had no plan whatsoever.

“He said he would be free on Saturday, I just need to check on him again, to be sure.” I replied.

“That means I need to cut down on my food intake o, if he is all that you have said he is, I need my hips seriously bulging out. I will also stop by at Titi’s place to shop for one or two things to wear for the occasion.”, she said, then giggled in her usual mischievous way.

“Saturday then.”, I said and hurriedly ended the call. Placed a call through to Paul to set up the date. It was a Thursday, which meant that we had just one day before our date.

Thank God Paul agreed to it.

Two days later:

It was the morning for our date. It took more convincing than I expected for Tunji to agree to the date, but he did. We were to first see an early evening movie and then have a drink at Bay lounge in Lekki phase 1.

At 2:00pm, Tunji was having his shower and I was doing the dishes, when Tunji’s phone rang. I went to the living room, to find out who was calling him. It was Mark. I was tempted to pick it up and hear what he had to say, but I did not want to spoil my mood, so I took the phone to him in the bathroom.

“Mark is calling you.”, I said, handing him the phone, but he shook his hand and said he would call him back when he was done showering.

I nodded and left the bathroom to the living room. As I dropped his phone on the couch, a text message came in from Mark and it read:

The result of the new test is out. It is still positive. You should stop by at the hospital, we need to talk about your wife.

Positive? What was positive? I thought to myself as I sat on the couch and opened his message thread with Mark:

“I thought you said the drugs will make it better, Mark. Please pick my calls, before I run mad.” (Tunji)

“The abdominal pain would not stop; I need to see you now.” (Tunji)

“Come by my office at exactly 6pm. I will be off then and would have enough time for you.” (Mark)

“Juju will soon find out; she has been asking me about my eyes in recent times. Mark, I need your help. Please ask the Indian guy when I would get the drugs.” (Tunji)

“But I have told you to tell your wife. She deserves to know; she is your wife. Left to me, you should even bring her in for a test.” (Mark)

“I have told you Mark, leave Juju out of this; I have caused her too much heartache already, if I tell her this one, she will just die. You have told me not to have sex with her and I will not do that; at least, until your Indian guy sends us the drugs.” (Tunji)

“My God, I am running mad, what is happening? What does Tunji have? What has Tunji infected me with? Hey, I am dead”, I said aloud.

I knew if I went further, I would find out for myself, but I was too scared to do that. In that moment, I looked up and found Tunji standing still in front of me. I threw the phone at him, it hit him at his pelvic, but he did not flinch one bit.

“Tunji, what in this world have I done to you to deserve all that you have done to me please tell me, what? I said, then began to cry.

“But I tried to warn you, Juju, I wanted you to be safe, I tried to warn you.”, he responded.

“Oh please shut up!”, I screamed. “Warn me? Through lies and deceit? Ah, but I am a fool sha. Pastor never mentioned anything about the fast in the Sundays after and I never bothered to ask anyone if it was true. I was just a foolish fool trusting my husband.”

“Juju, please, forgive me, please. I promise never to hurt you again. In fact, let it be recorded today that if I ever do anything to hurt you, whether you find out or not, let me die that day.”, He said as he touched his index finger on the ground, then straight to his tongue and finally raised it up to the air. As a sign of an oath to God.

“What have you infected me with? Tunji, what do you have?”, I asked, too afraid to find out what the answer was, so I covered both my ears with my two palms. But I still heard him clearly:

Hepatitis B.


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  1. Lolz. But seriously, you ladies can frighten me sha. You will bed a man and pass him off to your friends to date. I wonder who gets pleasure from this most. The girl or the dude. Let me know your thoughts on this readers. It's really puzzling.

  2. This was really entertaining...cant wait for season 2. welldone!