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What Lies Within Movie Review

                                               What Lies Within.

What Lies Within is a thriller that features a range of beautiful actors like: Ebele Okaro – Onyuike, Michelle Dede, Paul Utomi, Vanessa Nzediegwu and a host of others. Vanessa Nzediegwu and Paul Utomi, teamed up to create this very draggy, but suspenseful film.

What Lies Within is a 24-hour chronicle of the life of a young woman, Ireti (Vanessa Nzediegwu) who has been constantly abused, both physically and emotionally by her husband, Brian (Ken Erics). This faithful morning, she placed a call through to her friend and sister-in-law, Fiona (Michelle Dede) and their lives
changed for the worse. What they had to do, will have a far-reaching consequence on them and the lives of their loved ones.

This is yet another insightful plot. With a bit of humor, this movie touches on some deep societal issues like: The trauma and repercussion that comes with domestic abuse; And the impact of an unhealthy family relationship, between parents and their children’s spouses.

There is certainly a reform in the cinematography of the present day Nollywood movies. The perfection in camera shots and lighting that now flood the scenes of new movies, is refreshing and most welcomed. And this movie sees no exception to this.

The one scene that had us all fired up and alive, was the scene where Brian was beating Ireti and Fiona. My goodness! You needed to have heard us at the cinema; each slap and kick that landed on Fiona’s face and butt met screams of ouch! And hey! As though it was real, or it was landing on our bodies. That scene is unarguably the most believable scene I have seen in any Nollywood movie. I kept saying to myself, “There is no way the child in Fiona’s womb will survive all this punches and kicks”; but sadly, the director did nothing to clear me up on that.

The makeup and soundtrack was very appropriate, perfectly complimenting the theme of the movie.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of offs in this movie, like:

The totally unnecessary twist the movie had. It was clear that there was an intent to wow the audience with suspense, but the story was just not strong enough to bare all the twist and suspense the movie had;

The frustrating repetition of scenes; again, this is totally attributed to the need to twist up the story, but it ended up tiring the audience.

Now, how was it that the door knob to the very famous restroom was broken at the beginning of the movie and midway into the movie, the door automatically repaired itself and could open?

The annoyingly obvious disregard of Ireti’s black eye and reddish, watery eyeballs. I mean, how does a Doctor see her sister-in-law in such a state and could not just figure out that she had been battered, Really?

And finally, how the movie ended. Was that supposed to be a way to make the Nigerian police look good? Or were the police part of the audience with the Almighty power to know things that almost everyone who featured in the movie did not know? Like how was Fiona the only culprit? What happened to Ireti? We deserved a lot of explaining at this point and a whole lot of unnecessary scenes should have been chopped to afford the director time enough to clear this part up. I am trying hard not to give too many spoilers here, so if you see this movie and get this point, please hit me in the comment section, so we can discuss this particular part.

The characters:

Vanessa Nzediegwu, needs to the applauded for being able direct the movie and still deliver a very believer act at the same time. One could feel the pain of domestic violence by just watching her. The tears, the fear, her confusion, her whole character was very believable.

The role Michelle Dede played was a gift to her, I must say. She was the right partner in crime. She was the kind of person you would do bad deals with and be sure she had you covered, even when you did not have your own back. She played her role so effortlessly, I was almost convinced that is what real life holds for her.

Ebele Okaro-Onyuike was the true definition of an annoying and choking mother-in-law. I would like to say that towards the end of the movie, her character became unnecessarily too much, but I have not been married before, neither do I pray for such a mother-in-law, so I cannot pass this judgement.

Tope Tedela was a good pick for the role of a jonzing and an intimidated Pastor. He was refreshing to watch.

All other characters were okay.

In conclusion, the movie was an insightful, but tiringly slow one. On a scale from zero to five, this baby girl gives this movie a TWO AND A HALF, because as much as I loved the characters, there were a whole lot of offs I found very distasteful in this movie. I recommend this movie to you, if you only care about for a clean shot film, with good character execution.
Go, see the movie, have fun and tell me what you feel about it in the comment section below. #Wink

Full Cast
Tope Tedela – Gboyega
Ebele Okaro-Onyuike – Mama
Odenike Odetola – Esther
Okey Uzoeshi – Derrick
Ken Erics – Brian
Paul Utomi – Barry
Kiki Omeili – Miss Dimeji
Vanessa Nzediegwu – Ireti
Michelle Dede – Fiona

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