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The Women. 

The Women is a drama/comedy film that features a range of delightful actors like: Kate Henshaw, Omoni Oboli, Ufuoma Mcdermott, Femi Branch, Gregory Ojefua and a host of others. Blessing Effiom - Egbe and B’ Concept Network teamed up to create this hilarious and fascinating film.

The Women tells a very
relatable tale of a group of female friends (Teni, Omoh, Ene and Rose) who have more hatred than love for themselves. At the arrival at their weekend getaway, all hell is literally let loose: Hatred is expressed, secrets are exposed and marriages, destroyed.

Blessing Egbe, as with Lekki Wives, has shown that she is a fine story teller. She surely has a talent for picking up simple stories and projecting them from unique and compelling angles. For this, I give her a thumbs up.

The plot of this movie was in no way fresh, but there was an obvious intentional effort by the directing team to deliver a kick-ass movie and boy, did it pay off! Each scene will keep you in high anticipation for the next. Like when Omoh (Ufuoma Mcdermott) was taken away by her husband to steam off and Teni (Omoni Oboli) started to unravel Omoh’s escapades , I wished I could just jump into the movie to prevent Omoh from joining the others at the party. Or the time when Omoh read out her truth or dare challenge; everyone at the cinema began to sympathize with her for what was to come.

While we take time to applaud the stepped up directing and producing of new Nollywood movies, can we do even more to the DOP’s of these movies. The drone shot was expertly delivered, in fact, it is arguably my best drone shot view in a movie. It just made Lagos look even more beautiful.

Being a YouTuber, I have come to specially appreciate good lighting and The Women had their game on in this area. No funny shadow at any corner in any scene, no unnecessary sweat. Great costume and set design, adequately corroborating the wealthy and classy theme of the movie.

The downs for me, unfortunately, were the makeup and the soundtrack. It felt like the movie had two make up teams: one for the first half of the movie and the other for the second half; the team for the second half won the challenge.

The makeup for the first half of the movie was a little too much, making the actor’s faces look really smudged, as though they had to stay in the sun or in a heated environment for a while before shooting the movie. While, the soundtrack, which was probably high tempo to match the feel and pace of the movie, came out more like a distraction. It was unnecessarily loud. 

The characters:

This is my favourite part of this review. As I watched this movie, I fought hard to pick out my four outstanding characters, because all of them delivered their roles expertly.

In my review of the movie TATU , I asked a question: Why did it take this long for the New Nollywood directors to pick outthe best from the rest… The oldies? And I am certain Blessing Egbe heard me and chose to answer with the cast of this movie. The faces that unfailingly thrilled us in the past came back with full force in this movie and proved themselves stars in the acting scene.

Firstly, let’s talk Ufuoma Mcdermott. Beautiful, sexy, exciting. I mean, the lady made cheating and backstabbing feel like a really cool thing to do, that it took the little morals I had left in me to jerk my brains back to reality. She is a peculiar actress; the rich, classy and elegant flavor she gave her character, no other actress could have pulled it off.

Secondly, Katherine Obiang. I first noticed Katherine in Lekki Wives and I was struggling with liking her, but thank God for this movie. She was real in a naturally real way (that’s the only way I can describe her… I hope you get it). The air of originality that filled her acting and her ability to act silly with a serious face is commendable. Her acting was convincing. She proved  that she is a natural and we would love to see more of her in movies.

My lady, Omoni Oboli never disappoints. Omoni is that sure banker cheque your politician Alhaji friend gives to you that makes you walk around town like a wealthy person, before even cashing the cheque; because you know two things: The figure on the cheque is alarmingly high and no matter the condition of the economy, the cheque can never bounce. She can also be compared to that whiz kid that comes out tops in all her courses in school, year after year, so much that nobody bothers to look at her result anymore, because she must deliver. Yeah, that’s Omoni. So I hope with this few points of mine, I do not need to speak any other big grammar for you to know that she gave us an outstanding performance in the movie.

I did it guys, I finally found my highlights of the movie: every scene Gregory Ojefua featured in. It was indeed a struggle for me picking this one out, but Gregory was the fun to the funny of this movie. He is the perfect picture of a fat, unrefined, rich, igbotic business man that is married to a trophy wife, (Kate Henshaw). He was not afraid to act and look the part. If I am sure of one thing, it is that when you see this movie, he would stand out for you.

Then Kate Henshaw, Femi Branch, Kalu Ikeagwu, Anthony Manjoro and every other character in this movie killed it. Well, except for the model. I felt she was a square peg in a round hole. Basically: unnecessary.

In summary, for the first time in a long time, I picked up a moral lesson from a Nollywood movie. Now this one is for my ladies, both married and single: When it comes to telling your secrets, keep your mouth shut. If it gets too compelling that you must tell someone, well tell, but just make sure it is not a female friend that you tell, because they will always tell it out. Got it?

On a scale from zero to five , this baby girl gives this movie a FOUR, because this movie had more rights than wrongs and we all had a good time at the cinema. I recommend this movie to any and everyone who is interested in a movie that you watch and feel satisfied.
Go, see the movie, have fun and tell me what you feel about it in the comment section below. 

Full Cast
Kate Henshaw- Ene
Omoni Oboli – Teni
Ufuoma Mcdermott – Omoh
Katherine Obiang – Rose
Kalu ikeagwu – Bez
Femi Branch – Ayo
Anthony Manjoro – Maro
Gregory Ojefua – Chubby

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