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Movie Review

                         Celebrity Marriage.

Celebrity Marriage is a drama/comedy flick, produced and directed by Uchenna Mbunabo and Pascal Amanfo. The duo delivered the very sensitive topic of domestic violence and the marital struggles of celebrities in a rather hilarious way.

Celebrity marriage paints what can be termed the perfect picture of the marriage and life of celebrities: Domestic
violence, the struggle to keep up appearances, the life of vulnerability lived by up and coming actors, the facade of happiness, unfaithfulness… It all!

The plot of this movie, albeit exciting was predictable. Each character was an outplay of a celebrity’s real life. Just by watching the movie, one could just tell which celebrity’s life was being played out, like, Toyin Abraham and Odunalde Adekola’s life had Mercy Aigbe’s reality glaringly plastered on it.

Let us now talk about the roles the up and coming actors played – totally unnecessary. Was the movie about celebrities’ marriages or just the reality of the lives celebrities live? Because if it was the former then of what relevance were their characters? Why did we see scenes like the lady chasing the girl out of her house, the man’s wife coming out of the booth of his car to chase the same lady, in fact, why did we have all the characters in that house? Their appearances had no effect what so ever on the movie and did the title a disservice. 

I also had an issue with the beating scenes – They were heavily unbelievable. The sound effect used when Odunlade slapped Toyin was like that used in the movies made in the 90’s. My advice: Any director with the intent to pull through a beating scene, should take a peep at the movie ‘What lies within’ – Yeah, that was a well-played out beating scene.

However, I generously commend the narrator of the movie (whom I guess was Tonto Dike), she added extra spice to it – carrying us through a smooth sailing ride of anticipation and excitement.

Even though I feel the need to pass off this angle, as it has slowly become an angle that never fails to impress me – the cinematography of this movie was amazing: Lighting was good, bright scenes, impressive camera angles, no drone shots (which is a bit of a fresh air for me), great editing, amazing transitions. I was impressed.  

The makeup crew needs to be applauded. They made Tonto Dike look like a ‘bag of money’ – Beautiful. The costumier almost did a perfect job but for Jackie Appiah’s dressing - I thought it was just confusing. It felt like the movie had two different sets of costumiers, one for team Tonto and the other, team Jackie. Team Jackie sure needed some tutoring by team Tonto’s.

The characters:

Everyone in this movie brought their ‘A’ game but it was not hard for me to pick out my favorites:

Okay, whatever inspiration Odunlade Adekola rode on while he played the character, Faruq, is worth emulating. He was the life of the movie. So much energy, I was impressed. His acting was credible, too credible that the lady that sat beside me certainly left the hall with strong hatred for him after watching the movie. Kind of like the way GOT fans hate Jack Gleeson (King Joffrey) long after he died off the show. She just kept on hissing and raining abusive words on him that I reminded her, more than twice, ‘babe it was just a movie’. Thumbs up Odunlade!

Toyin Abraham is a successful creeper: she has successfully creeped into my good books, that I almost cannot see any wrong with her acting. She is the kind of actress you bet your money on and go home to have a good sleep because you are sure that she would always deliver. Back to back she has killed it: Tatu, Hakunde and now this movie. She was the perfect person to have played Rita. After watching this movie, one would think she has been a victim of domestic violence! I loved her and so did every other person at the cinema.

Tonto Dike came on this movie to pass one simple message: I am back guys! And we have missed you Tonto – Your bag of money skin that shines as bright as a diamond, your likeable personality in characters, your daring self – with that new tattoo you have on your arm; we waited too long for you and with this movie, I am guessing the wait was worth it.

Osita Iheme was also here guys and no matter the fuss he put in to deliver a serious character, just hearing him talk would make you start laughing. We fell in love with Pawpaw for a reason – He is a natural.

All other characters were okay but most of the fun came with the camera resting on Toyin and Odunlade and left once the camera left them.

In summary, the movie will excite and inform you. The narrative angle will also make you happy.

On a scale of zero to five, this baby girl gives this movie a THREE as apart from a little hitch here and there, you are sure to have a good laugh. I recommend this movie to everyone, because the moral of the movie is one that everyone can relate to.

No matter how green another person’s grass is, focus on your own because you have no idea what people has to go through to keep their grass looking green.
Go, see the movie, have fun and tell me what you feel about it in the comment section below. Hopefully, the next time I go see a movie I can get your verbal reaction of what you think about the movie. See the audience review #Wink

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