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2017 done, Phew! Let’s take Stock of the Year; Blogging, Vlogging and Life in General…

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Hi dear, Merry Christmas! I hope you have added a bit of weight…Yeah, it is that season, so it is allowed #wink. Today, we are going to be as personal as ever, because why not? You have come this far with me and yeah, we turned 1 year some four days ago – something I still cannot wrap my head around. Why? Don’t worry, I will be telling you all about that in some minutes.

I have seen one too many bloggers do this ‘Taking Stock’ post and I have yearned for a day like this to do mine. If you follow me on social media (Instagram, Facebook Twitter, Snapchat, I am Tak2urhommie on all platforms), especially Instagram (my Instastory is almost a movie by the way), or if you watch my YouTubeChannel, you will know that 2017 for me has been a roller coaster. So let’s talk about how my year went, what I have been up to and my plans for the New Year, shall we…

Regretting: All the time I wasted on brooding about disappointments this year.
Making: Plans to ensure I close 2018 richer than I am doing 2017 #IgboGirlMindSet #Wink

Cooking: Nothing. Considering I am writing this post at 3:01AM and cooking by this time will be a whole lot scary, even to me.

Drinking: Water, because I have heard literally the whole world preach on how beneficial it is to the human life.

Reading: Blog Posts and Articles on how to be more relevant in the media space.

Wanting: To buy light and microphone for my Youtube videos and a Tab before the year finally wraps up.

Looking: Forward to a day when people will stop thinking that I know more than what I really know.

Playing: One of the things I get bored of quickly, is games. I don’t play games (Yeah, both physical and mind games, Nah!)

Deciding: Whether to start up a business venture or not

Wishing: 2 Wishes actually: 1) I started my YouTube Channel earlier than I did 2) My Father was Dangote and I could focus on growing my passion without bothering about money to feed in the interim.
Enjoying: Making videos and watching them after. I always wonder where I get all the energy I put into my YouTube videos. If you haven’t seen any of them yet, just click Talk2urhommie

Waiting: Truthfully, for my boyfriend to pop the question, ahn ahn, time never reach? LOL #coversface

Liking: The woman I am becoming: Confident and content

Wondering: About having my first meet and greet in 2018. Yeah, I want to meet you.

Loving: God, myself, family and people with deep thoughts and ideas.

Pondering: On the long term goals for Talk2UrHommie… I have big dreams, I just need God and YOU to achieve them. Thanks for being there so far.

Considering: Again, the whole business world…

Watching: SuperWoman’s YouTube videos. You should check her out, she is cool and funny.

Hoping: That you and I live long enough to achieve and enjoy our dreams. AMEN!

Marvelling: At how happy writing stories and making videos make me.

Needing: Money to hire a personal assistant.

Smelling: The sweet fragrance of my latest cologne, Nautica

Wearing: A lovely gold chain my Mama gave me 5 years ago.

Following: The lives of great minds like Mo Abudu, Betty Irabor, Tara and Fela Durotoye

Noticing: That the more I embrace my true self, the more authentic my contents are and the more followers I get.

Knowing: That God loves me and no matter what life throws at me, HE is always there to ensure a soft landing.

Thinking: About if I will ever come to terms with the fact that I am not a fat person.

Admiring: My new found distant friend, Pelumi Shittu. She might not even know that I consider her a friend. Well, Pelumi hun, I do! #kisses

Sorting: And resorting my laptop folders all day, every day. I just never learn mehn!

Buying: Myself a gift every month. Yeah, I work hard for my money, I had better find a way to enjoy the fruit of my labour.

Getting: Tired of being asked when I intend to get married by my peers who aren’t even married, phew!

Bookmarking: Bitly.com – A website that helps you shorten links. You are welcome. #wink

Disliking: How sad I get when I discuss politics and the welfare of Nigerians.

Opening: Myself to carefree love. I learnt a trick for love this year, stop bothering about if it would last or not, just enjoy every bit of it that comes every single day. #Whatwillbewillbe

Giggling: At the scene from my Accra Travel vlog video where I twerked. #coversface You can check it out here – WatchTalk2urhommie twerk in Accra Ghana.

Feeling: Grateful that I have: Somewhere I can run to with all my weird and enlightening thoughts (HERE!); A YouTube channel that makes me feel closer to my dreams and God Almighty, my assurance of hope and happiness.

Snacking: Snickers chocolate – my guilty pleasure.

Hearing: That eating late is bad for me, but just never listening.

Helping: Young ladies tell their stories in the most intriguing and insightful way. If you ever have something bothering you and need the world’s advice, please contact me, I am always happy to help you tell your story.

Biggest Lesson Learnt this Year: Nothing you go through will kill you and when it feels like it is going to break you, cast your mind to 2 years from now, a time when you will never even remember you went through this!

And yay, we are done. I am sure you know me a lot better now and have a sneak peek into my 2018. You see Taking Stock of your year, does two things for you: It helps you see through the year and pin point your mistakes and also helps you plan never to make them the coming year.

If you liked this piece a lot, you can join in the fun too. Go to the comment section and write on any 5 angles that relates with you the most. One more thing, I am thinking of doing this more often, what do you think about that? Let’s talk more in the comment section.


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