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Let’s Analyze this:

Let's Analyze this: Four issues i have with Banky W exposing wife's nakedness

Four Issues I have with Banky W Exposing Wife’s Nakedness…

Last week, a munched picture of Banky W in a hotel room with his wife’s bare butt exposed, circulated on social media and lots of people cringed.

A little background
will do my point a lot good, so – If you do not know who Banky W is (funny abi, like who wouldn’t know Banky? Well, you would be surprised…) Bankole Wellington, popularly known as Banky W, is a 37-year-old American Born-Nigerian, singer, rapper, writer, Master of Ceremonies/Host and actor. The EME boss has shown us time and time again that he has a special gift of discovering diamonds in the rough.

Like how he discovered Wizkid, when Wiz was literally a nobody and now The Best International Act at the 2017 MOBO Awards. Then, marrying the beauty, Adesua Etomi, who was just a regular Nollywood actress, until she married Banky and with the way the wedding was publicized, I am sure, her price must have sky rocketed by now.  

Can I just state that Banky W’s introduction, traditional marriage and white wedding has been the biggest celebrity wedding so far in Nigeria. The couple literally contracted every media personality to talk about and cover their wedding (well maybe not every every media personality, considering the fact that I wasn’t present. #Jokes.) One quick advice though; it would be foolishness for any celebrity to set this wedding as a bench mark for theirs, well, except you can afford it, if not, the financial pressure is really not worth it, it would simply do your future more harm than good.

Moving on, the wedding had all the crème de la crème present and I would not be over stating it if I said that any celebrity that was not present at this wedding should take a moment and examine their ‘acclaimed’ celebrity status. Like they need to go through a sober reflection process, with only one question in mind – Am I really a Nigerian celebrity?

Now sadly, what was supposed to be fun and a happy union of the couple, was not all that fun after all, as some people had their strong reservations. You know those single girls in Lagos, who either had dated Mr. B and had their heart broken, or spent years in the background waiting and hoping that one day he would see them to be more than friends, more like lovers and the final group, the fans who had suddenly taken self-imposed titles of the ‘one and onlys’ of Bankole Wellington. Whichever it was, there was just so much hate that one of them had this to say...

 I do not know how someone would have that much hate. He is married to someone else, get that and move on! Well, for me, I thought it was a beautiful union and pray God blesses and keeps them together, forever.

Now let us get into the nitty gritty of this post.

Days back, Banky was in such a good mood that he made a video of him in his hotel room and scenery around him. Unfortunately, people saw something else! Apparently, his lovely wife, Adesua, was naked at the background and our Brother Banky had no clue. Then social media went gaga with everyone talking about how Banky W exposes his wife’s bare butt.

Really though? Social media went crazy because Banky’s wife was naked in the picture?

I would do this piece a disservice if I do not give credit to whom it is due – the person who saw Adesua in the background and munched the picture for us all to see. You are good gan! You are the perfect hire for your job! I sincerely would have watched that video and not even noticed anything other than Banky and the Kangaroo, so I respect your eyes. 

Now I have four issues with this whole saga:

Firstly, what is bad in making a mistake? We all need to chill out for a bit and realize that everyone makes mistakes. I know Banky is a celebrity and his mistakes are way more expensive than that of a blogger and YouTuber like me but mistakes are mistakes. Sometimes, I make and post videos on my Instastory and have no idea that I exposed way too much cleavage than the world deserves to see, hours later, when I watch the video again, I see it and take it down immediately… mistake! No one should die because they made mistakes, neither should the world stop moving because a celebrity made a mistake. Can we now understand that and move on?

Secondly, it is wrong to tell anyone how to leave their lives. I have heard so much talk and the one that baffles me the most is: When you are married, leave social media alone!

Really, who makes these rules? The couples who are not on social media have issues; the ones who do not block your ears with gushes of how happy they are have issues as well… People have issues!

Can we agree that no one has the manual to life, so a couple going on social media to show how happy they are cannot and should not be a deciding factor of their union forever. If going on social media makes Banky and Adesua happy (which I think does, owing to all the publicity they put into their marriage) let them go. Let them do whatever makes them happy.

My third issue with this whole situation is the fact that the lady in the background was sexy. It wasn’t as if she was showing us a flabby body; her butt was round and nicely shaped, (at this point I advise that you zoom into my cover picture and take a look for yourself.). She wore a clean G-string panties, which some people happily wear to the pool or beach.

We sit with our phones and give Kim Kardashian over a million likes when she throws out naked pictures of herself, we also admire Cardi B when she drops a video of her twerking self on Instagram and we come here to judge Adesua.

I am of the opinion that the best way to make a mistake is to add a little sexy to it and our darling Adesua did a good job at it. So thumbs up girl!

My advice to you: You seem to me a quiet person who would feel funny and recline to her shell because of all the attacks… But I hope that is not the case, because I have a flabby arm and as far as I am concerned, your body is goals, so please, enjoy yourself!

My fourth and final issue? Let’s answer some questions, shall we…

Who got married that day? Nigerians or Banky?  Banky right?

Whose wife is Adesua? Nigerians or Banky’s? Banky’s right?

Whose wife’s ass was out in the open? Nigerians or Banky’s? Banky’s right?

So who should be angry and cringing? Banky…

So if Banky is not angry, why then are we angry? If Banky is not shy, why are we shy for him? If he is not cringing, why are we cringing for him?

I know that because they are celebrities they should lead lives that we can look up to, but let us try to make it easy for them. If a naked picture of Rihanna were to leak today, we would make all the excuses for her, even go as far as hating on whomever leaked the photo. Then our very own mistakenly does something and we want them to die because of it. Nah, that isn’t fair.

Let us support our own. Let us help them to make their lives easy to live and let us give Banky and Adesua space to live life like happy newlyweds!

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  1. Hehehehe... Very refreshing post! i laughed and laughed

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