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The Ride, Episode 11

Episode 11

“Ma, I don’t know what else to do, I have tried talking to her but she would not listen to me, so I decided to tell you.” – Yes, I resorted to reporting Ada to her mum. If she wasn’t going to listen to me, she will definitely listen to her mum –.

“Hmmm, I will not lose my child in the name of Jesus. Unserious riff raffs will not see my child in Jesus name.”

“Amen mummy.”

“Thank you for this my dear, I will handle it from here.”



Ada barged into the house, screaming these words. She echoed it over and over again and I knew her mum had done the needful, now it was time to deal with the repercussion of my action. I had decided to be quiet whenever she brought it up but she wasn’t buying that.

She screamed and screamed and screamed and finally broke me,

“We have exams in a few weeks from now, we also have courses that we still haven’t covered half of the course outline; Do you want to fail or not? Because, if you do, all you have to do is let me know and I will let you be for good!”

I snapped and angrily walked out of the room. I had had enough of Ada and her silly behavior, had enough of Florence thinking she can come from nowhere and turn our lives upside down, enough of staying in the same space with Florence and now Ada. I was almost choked out, I needed a break, needed air.

Lost in my thoughts, I rammed into Martins, who was on his way out of the hostel. I stumbled and almost fell but for the rescuing arms of Martins, I was back intact.

Ahn ahn, where you dey go wey make you no even see me? You for just wound yourself anyhow.” Martins said to me as I tried to catch my breath.

“I am just tired of this school, of this town, of my family, of my life! Can you imagine that since I got back for this semester, not a single member of my family has called me to check up on me.” I had no clue how I jumped from Ada to my family but it just felt right to air my mind.

“I think you need a break from your overly routined life. How about you come up to my room and tell me all about it and finally see that I am not as scary and unserious as you think.”

I wasn’t sure if being in the same room with Martins was a good idea but one thing I knew was that I needed a break from my life and self, so I gave in. After all, my usual long walks had proven not so effective, as I had embarked on it time and time again but Ada and Florence still found their ways to my last nerve.

Now Martins stayed on the top-most floor of our four-story building hostel. I had never been to his room before, in fact, never been to his floor since I moved into the hostel because his floor was considered restricted for the cult boys of my hostel.

As we walked down the hall way, the weirdest thoughts began to creep into my mind, ‘If he tries to rape you nko, how will you escape? No one will hear you scream for help oo...shey u know? What  were you thinking to have agreed to go to Martins’ room, a cult boy? He can kill you, you know?’

“Which exactly is your room Martins? I asked him as my steps began to get slower and slower.

“Just the same position as yours,” – Which was at the extreme end of the hallway – “just that mine is on the right hand side and yours, on the opposite. What is the matter? Are you scared?”

I shook my head and struggled to look fearless but with Martins’ very mischievous smile, I was sure I didn’t do a good job.

Getting into his room, I just could not believe my eyes. It was like nothing I had imagined of him. It was a cream painted room, with a bed wide enough for four people. Hung on the wall were a very wide Samsung LED TV and a Samsung air-conditioning split unit. A black wooden reading table was tucked at the left corner of the room and not a piece of cloth hung loose, everything was neatly arranged in their respective positions. Then the black rug complimented it all. In short, his room was exquisite and this was a fact I couldn’t understand.

I mean, this was the same Martins that was always in front of the hostel smoking marijuana and talking football nonsense all day with his ‘fellow guys’, so how was he able to achieve all this.

“Look at your face, you cannot hide your surprise, I am sure you thought I was the scruffiest person on earth.”

I looked at him for a bit and then he smiled again.

Okay Martins had this somewhat devilish but yet cute smile. It was like a wide grin that made his already thin eyes, thinner. Every time he smiled, it felt like his mind was concealing way more than his mouth was telling. At this point, I wanted to turn back but I had been called immature many times, so I sat on the bed.

“Yes, please feel at home.”, Martins said as he sorted his CD rack and MI’s crowd mentality eased out through the speakers.

“I am the only child and sadly, the exact opposite of everything my parent wished I was. I like what I like and even though I extremely fear God, I love a little danger.”

“This is a very uncomfortable combination but why do you live the way you live.” I pressed on because after seeing his room, I was interesting in understanding him.

“Because normal is boring. You know, the strangest thing is that, being the only child, I have always, always gotten everything I have ever wanted or wished for, except one important thing.”

“Hmm, which is?” I asked almost passively.


“Hmmm, I do not know how to react to this. You have a girlfriend and I am not interested in having a relationship as well.”

“I know but I cannot help myself around you Nkechi. I want you real bad. Just look at me,” –He looked down at his manhood and my gaze followed his, oh gosh, I could see the bulge through his trousers, he was hard and now I was really scared. I began to pray seriously to God Almighty, I needed his help.– I am hard and needy, I need you right now Nkechi.”

“I need to leave your house now, we can continue this conversation later, I need to go and checkup on Ada, she has been ill for some days.”

“Yeah, I know you have all those your stuff you need to run to but you have to sort me out now.”

“Please, I need to check up on Ada now, please”, now the fear welling up could no longer be hidden.

“Okay, I will let you go if you will just touch my dick.  Look at it now, very hungry and waiting for your touch.” Martins responded

“If you do not let me out of your room now, I will scream!” I snapped, praying that he will take me seriously.

“You will what? Hehehe, do you sincerely think anyone will hear you scream and even if they did, you really think they will be bothered about a noise from my room? Well, think again, they are probably tired of hearing noises from here by now.” He replied.

‘I told you so, - my head screamed -, Oh Lord, please, I know I am not an avid church goer but please help me just this once, please God, please.’

Martins reached for the remote and increased the volume of the music. “Just do this and get it over with once and for all.” Martins said with his very demonic smile.

At this time, I could not be bothered with putting up any front again, I just let the tears freely flow down my cheeks.

'I am a virgin Martins, please.'

'And I promise to make your first your best.' He replied with his now disgusting smile.

Then the knock came. Martins looked at me nervously, angrily searching my hand with his eyes to see if I had called anyone. Only if anger had let me remember to pick up my phone as I left my room, earlier.

The knock persisted. The person behind the door was determined not to leave until he or she got a response.

Martins stood up and went to the door.

“Who is that?” He asked with an obvious disgust.

“Us.” The knocker called out.

Martins then opened the door and two scripture union people – a male and female – stood smiling at the door.

“Sorry to disturb you, we are from Jehovah’s witness and we have come to share the good message with – 

Before they could finish up their statement, I rushed out of the room and ran straight down the stairs. On the last staircase, I did not see the guy in front of me coming so I ran into him. We both stumbled and fell down. Oh no! I didn’t have time to feel bad or apologize, so I just got up and ran straight to my room.

“Open up please, open up now.”

“Give me a minute, I am coming.” Ada called out as she reached for the door. “What is the problem Nkechi? Why are you crying and breathing so fast?”
“Lock the door, please lock the door!”

Two minutes after shutting the door, there was a sharp knock on our door. “Ah Ada, I am dead!”

*************To be continued*************

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