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Intriguing real life stories; Life/God giving encouragement that inspire us to live happy lives as single ladies; Interesting analysis of day to day happenings and Unbiased Nollywood movie reviews!

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Hi Dear!

My name is Omy Odike and I am the founder of Talk2urhommie, a platform launched in 2016 to extend helping hands to that person who is still caught up in a limiting mindset, through lessons learnt from stories inspired by real life occurrences; Share tips on how to live happy lives as single ladies; Discuss and analyze happenings around us and finally, review Nollywood movies with a bit of humor.

With an introverted personality for most part of my life, I lived life hurting and being too afraid to share it with anyone. So I studied the lives of people who inspired me, applied the lessons I learnt to my life, healed and became hopeful and more vocal. My job is now to help others find out the most expressive and effective way to live their lives.
I am a lady with an interesting mind, who has lived most of her life in Lagos, Nigeria, where the spirit of hustle and bustle lives. Initially, the city was too fast for me, so I hid myself for a long while; until, I understood how to create my own melody and dance to my own tune.

In a world where no one ever stops learning; allow me share with you all the wonderful things I discover, as I go through life, learning! You can hit me up on Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, and Twitter.

I currently post articles here on Tuesdays and Fridays and YouTube videos on Saturdays. This is very flexible, as my mind works in the most interesting ways, so I could be adding new segments once the inspiration hits me. Ensure that you are up to date with all the juicy contents I would be sharing, by dropping your email address in the subscribe corner at the right. If you want to know me more; you could find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, LinkedIn or just send me a mail on talk2urhommie@gmail.com