About Us

Intriguing real life stories that inspire single ladies to live happy lives; Interesting analysis of day to day happenings and Unbiased Nollywood movie reviews!

Hi Dear!

My name is Omy Odike and I am the face behind Talk2urhommie, a platform launched in 2016 to extend helping hands to anyone who is caught up in a limiting mindset. We share stories inspired by real life occurrences; tips on how to live happy lives as single ladies; Discussion and analysis of day to day happenings around us and Unbiased review of Nollywood movies.

Having an introverted personality for most part of my life, I lived life secluded with my thoughts and my only escape was to study the lives of people who inspired me, applying the lessons I learnt to my life, healing and becoming hopeful and now, vocal. 

Now, my job is to help others find their voices.
Living in a world where no one ever stops learning; allow me share with you all the wonderful things I discover, as I go through my life, learning! 

I currently post articles here on Tuesdays and Fridays and YouTube videos on Saturdays. This is very flexible, as my mind works in the most interesting ways, so I could be adding new segments, once the inspiration hits me. 

Feel free to hit me up on TwitterFacebookInstagramSnap Chat, LinkedIn or send me a mail on talk2urhommie@gmail.com

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